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FLyellowdog's Journal
FLyellowdog's Journal
February 28, 2015

I think I'm pretty much done with politics....

extreme abdominal pain for several weeks
Mon.= ultrasound + xrays suspected metastatic cancer of liver
Thurs.= CAT Scan no primary source of cancer determined yet/ multiple spots in liver and one on lung
Fri.=biopsy of largest tumor (5 cm) cancer diagnosis confirmed
Oncologist appointment next week for a PET Scan to find primary source=
Treatment options, if any, will be discussed. Probably won't participate.

Mentally, I'm doing fantastic. Pain is progressing terribly on a daily basis but doctors have assured me they'll help me stay comfortable (easier said than done ). So far Oxycontin and Hydrocodone-Acetaminophen are working ok.

So............I won't have to endure the loss of my husband, my children, or my friends...being the first to go is really going to be a freeing thing. Plus I get to play the Cancer Card whenever I want to...and so far it's been working great!

I will live every day of my life the best I can. And I think I'll spend less time on things that stress me, i.e. politics, and more time on playing.

Tag! You're it!!!!!!!

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