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riqster's Journal
riqster's Journal
July 26, 2013

WTF, Ohio?


Regarding the AG's plans to defy a court order and stick it to a dying man and his lawfully-wedded husband. Saw the story on DU last night, saw red, and decided to circulate it beyond this board.

General DeWine is trying to act like he's not out to fuck over this Ohio family, but he is. Details and a rant at the above link.

Thanks to Galraedia for posting this thread:http://www.democraticunderground.com/1014548564
May 19, 2012

Riqster is kinda sorta back...

Got a message asking where the hell I've been - answer, working offline mostly. Three things before I get back to it:

Number A: Elections still suck, and too many lazy-assed stupid people use touch-screen voting devices. Don't be stupid, vote a paper ballot.

Letter 2: Read my blog, if you give a monkey's about what I think, or if you want to give me shit about what I think (I'm on there most weekdays): title is bluntandcranky (yep, I haven't changed much) and it's on wordpress.

Item C: Vote against the stupid evil bastards on the Right. Even if the Dems aren't good enough, their opponents suck a lot harder.

Back to the AFK world - drop a line and tell me what all y'all have been up to (you know who you are).


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