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Coffee Peddler

Coffee Peddler's Journal
Coffee Peddler's Journal
October 25, 2020

Just a heads up to fellow DU ers.

The latest conspiracy story making the rounds after yesterday is,the Doctors as well as the Hospitals are reclassifying Patients deaths as Covid in order to bilk the Government out of extra tens of thousands of dollars .

Did a Google Search,appears this bullshit has a Appleton Wisconsin on air Talent working the Murdoch gig. And it comes from a interview she did with a Medical Doc from Minnesota a couple months ago. The Doc says it does not happen,if this is found to be true,that Hospital and Doc can be blocked from ever seeking reimbursement from any Federal Medical Program for ever.

Reason for the post is,had a Phone Call with a Family Member from the Midwest this AM spewing this garbage. Made a call to our RN Daughter working the trenches in Colorado,not happening and if it was,it would have to be a error which standard audits would catch each month. Check Google,and it traces this bogus story back to my unnamed person from Murdoch Media.

October 19, 2020

Thinking back to pre

2016 Election Cycles and the Decorum of all the Candidates. First thing comes to mind,never was there a Candidate who continuously yelled at his Audience or at the Camera's and Microphones,like this POS fake President. Been around for eighty years,yes there were the occasional rants here and there,but,never to the extent of this POS.

This Slug knows only how to Gish Gallop as if he was selling more of his Steaks or Ties. The Guy is void of any ideals what so ever,just a Carnival Barker on Roids.

October 2, 2020

Something I noticed

in the last three weeks. First,Melania has been relatively close to the Orange one. Caught this from a debarking from the both AF1 and the Helio. She turned the Orange One physically to make sure he hit the Mark for the Cameras both in MPLS as well as Duluth.

Are his Handlers using the First Nude as a Guide Dog?

October 2, 2020

Anyone know the Status of the Speaker?

If the King is tainted and Mommy's Boy may heading for the penalty box as well,that makes madam Speaker the next in charge. Not?

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