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White, male, expatriate living in the mountains of central Taiwan, Oregon permanent address, 34 years of age. Born in St. Louis. Army brat lived all over. Veteran of the Korean War (sieved in Libya and Austin, Texas). Ph.D. in anthropology and linguistics, Indiana University. Career in linguistics and ESL at numerous US and foreign institutions. Spent most of my career as a director of English as a Second Language programs. Taught at National Chi Nan Unversity, Puli, Taiwan over the years 1995-2016. Retired as an orchard keeper with my life partner Judy Wu of the Bunun Austronesian tribe in our mountain hideaway cabin, High Mountain Orchards.

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The American Conservative: Trump's Stone-Cold Sleaze


Conservatives are not lining up behind Trump on Stone's Pardon. I guess he thought he would be hailed as a hero, but the American Conserative calls it "another day in the unraveling of the Trump administration."


tís funny how news like Trump commuting Roger Stoneís sentence would normally be front-page, above-the-fold, banner headline stuff. But now, itís just another day in the unraveling of the Trump administration.

You can think that the Russia investigation was a put-up job if you like ó thatís fine. But thereís no denying that Roger Stone flagrantly lied to Congress about it, and threatened a witness ó all to protect Donald Trump. And now Trump has demonstrated that if you lie to protect him, and get caught doing it, you wonít have to pay a price.

Roger Stone is a crook, and he wonít have to do a day in jail because Donald Trump believes those who serve him are above the law. Trump is fighting a steep uphill battle for re-election this fall, with GOP control of the Senate at risk. And he goes and does this...


The election will not turn on Roger Stone, who will be forgotten by next week, given the gravity and intensity of the news cycle. But itís just one more damn thing that reveals Trump for who he is. Destiny gave Trump an opportunity to do important things, but he blew it, hard, as blowhards will.

Of course the writer went on to say how he dreads a Biden administration, but seems to think it is almost inevitable. He concludes with an unlikely scenario "If Trump pulls this out because more Americans fear the Democrats than loathe Trump, that will be quite the thing, to put it mildly."

I think Americans are coming to loathe Trump and most don't fear the Democrats. So they know who Trump is, but the do not know what the Democrats are.
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