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Gender: Female
Current location: Chicago Metro Area
Member since: Mon Jul 11, 2005, 09:01 PM
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Good lord yes, this WAS due to Climate Change

The warming oceans, the warming air lend themselves to larger storms. This is the cost of all that carbon released into our atmosphere from our energy choices over the past 100 years. Our atmosphere is nearing full capacity for carbon to support life as we know it and yet, we still have media and people not educating themselves on the effects that will happen more and more if we continue to ignore and deny this problem.

The International Panel on Climate Change, in their fifth assessment that came out at the end of September, stated unequivocally that Climate Change is happening and that humans are causing it. http://www.ipcc.ch/

And there will be more and more of these extreme weather events until we agree to work together on a global level. And the longer we wait to address this, the more we hem and haw about 'hunh, I wonder if climate change could be behind this, the fewer options we have to address it.

This is NOT for some future generation's benefit.

This is for RIGHT NOW FOLKS!

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