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Surya Gayatri

Surya Gayatri's Journal
Surya Gayatri's Journal
May 5, 2016

Rob Reiner is my new hero. He just schooled Joe Scar & Mika in "HOW TO DO A POLITICAL INTERVIEW."

'Twas a gratifying moment of plain talk and unvarnished truth-telling. Cannot wait for the clip to become available. Classic moment.

Step by step, he forced the squirming and protesting Joe & Mika to watch him doing a "feet-to-the-fire" mock interview with an imaginary Trump.

With follow-up questions--4th and 5th level questions, as Reiner called them--and then the final rapier thrust of conclusion: "I see that you cannot or will not respond. This is unfortunate for the American electorate, who deserve some answers.

Scar and Mika tried constantly to interrupt and deflect his "lesson", but he would NOT be deterred. They tried desperately to justify their pandering, fawning handling of Trump, without success.



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