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Member since: Mon Aug 1, 2005, 07:24 PM
Number of posts: 13,570

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Hillary's best one-liner of the night:

"Yes Donald, I spend time preparing. I prepare to be the PRESIDENT!"

Now folks, please get out there. Put up a lawn sign. Volunteer. Donate. Bumper sticker. ANYTHING.


Here are Donald's two "best" lines of the night (for US):

Re: Not paying federal income taxes: "That's called good business." (Right, when all the rest of us are paying our taxes.)

Repeatedly: "She does not have the stamina." (He just totally pissed off every moderate - including moderate Republican - swing voter woman in the entire country. Not to mention all the liberal women already in Hillary's column who will now be donating anything they can to make sure Herr Trumpenstein never gets near the White House.)

Hillary knocks it out of the fucking park!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trump looks like a stupid fucking IDIOT. He just burped "wrong" into his mic. What a goofball.

She is kicking his fucking ass.

She is kicking the SHIT out of this raging lunatic.

She is THROTTLING his CRAZY ass. He looks like a RAGING NUTBAG!

Hillary will TAKE TRUMP TO SCHOOL tomorrow night! (WATCH THIS)

I am very excited. She is BRILLIANT. She is VERY well prepared by the best possible debate prep team.

She will look presidential and BRILLIANT. And she will jab and jab and jab him.

Trump will try to be collected and scripted, but he won't be able to contain himself within the flurry of all those jabs plus questions that will need more than goofy soundbites for his minions. He will be OUT OF HIS LEAGUE, and his YUGE ego will make him snap. I can't wait.

See the following. Just a few minutes. Imagine Hillary is Adams and Trump is Hamilton. This is about what tomorrow night will look like.

"Trump has been going around the country doing a minstrel show in orange face."

This was from a recent guest on Lawrence O'Donnell. Too funny!
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