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Republican cover-up flaw

Presuming the GOP through Barr and congressional leaders continue to foot-drag or fail to deliver most of all of the Mueller report to the House committees seeking it, there is one way it might pop up anyway.

Sen. Lindsay "Boo Radley" Graham is planning to investigate the investigators, even though the GOP lawmakers already have spent a lot of time questioning principles in the FBI and Justice Department whom they hypothesize were biased and anti-Trump. If those hearings commence, it will be necessary to actually look at the product of the work of all these investigators and lawyers whose work contributed to Mueller's report. You can't ask about the efficacy of the report and the work that went into it without actually discussing the report.

Now I understand Graham is mainly interested in the pre-special counsel period, especially the "discredited dossier" and alleged motivations for beginning investigations of Trump. Maybe that's the way he segregates (appropriate verb for a southern GOP senator) the early days of the probe from the final report, but the final report is, in fact, a prospective proof against the argument that unprofessional hacks didn't care how they did it but they were going to "get" Trump. If you believe Barr (though why would you?), the "liberal" cabal of agents and lawyers in the end absolved Trump. Curious, huh? It's typical, massive, GOP cognitive dissonance, but Repubs and conservatives don't perceive that in themselves, so let the show trial begin.

Indeed, Trump has put the stamp of wonderfulness on the unseen (by others and probably still himself) report, calling it the best report possible. Oh really? Then, again, how do we reconcile the Graham/GOP thesis? By comparing how the investigations began with how they concluded. Recognizing, of course, that Trump is still being investigated.

At the very minimum, you would think this natural progression would force Graham et. al. to at some point go into closed session. But that would obviate the primary purpose of his counter-investigation -- namely, a dog and pony show to impress upon voters how this all really was a witch hunt, and that Hillary and Obama did it.

Maybe the GOP will have ways around this conundrum, even if they're only crude denials of Democratic requests for a fair inquiry. But the public -- most of whom would like to see the report -- will nevertheless be reminded that the GOP is once again in its usual sleight-of-hand mode.
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