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Subliminal message in Trump et. al. trolling of mail-in ballots: you can't trust organized labor

Ridiculous Sean Hannity on his ridiculous Fox News showboat, as quoted by CrooksAndLiars.com:

> Now, with all due respect to my mailman, I've loved my mailman ever since I was a kid, but are you going to trust the United States postal service with the future of our country? How was your local DMV working out for you? What about your local board of elections?

As Crooks & Liars noted, the U.S. Postal Service does a great job delivering other kinds of time-sensitive mail like retirement checks and prescription medication. But since Trump claimed Democrats must be trying to steal the election by urging followers to use mail-in ballots rather than risk COVID-19 infection at polling places, other Republican backers have felt obliged to support him. So they reverse-engineer Trump's yack by suggesting something/something sinister. And here in my view is what underlies Hannity's concern trolling: Public employee unions.

Republicans are convinced no one who is a member of a labor union (excepting a handful of unions such as those representing police officers or firefighters) is friendly toward Republicans. This might be true to some extent, but what separates those workers from Hannity, Trump, and their ilk is that unionized workers will in most cases perform their jobs with respect to the mission, getting it done to the best of their ability even under adverse conditions. Even when those adverse conditions are engineered by Republicans!

Because Republican politicians nowadays often are so ideological that they seek to gum things up if they don't control what's happening. They hate government and are happy to throw wrenches into the works of public institutions in favor of private businesses that support them. Luckily, 90 percent of Americans respect USPS. The postal workers union kept on working hard and raised the alarm through their union, calling out Trump's subterfuge. No wonder Republicans hate organized laborers. They're well, organized.

Stipulating that the Federal Elections Commission is useless....

I'm surprised there hasn't been a more vigorous legal attempt to interdict Trump's practice of treating most if not all his campaign stops as official government business, characterizing them as tours, listening sessions, or whatever. He's squeezing tens of millions of dollars out of taxpayers to cover his coarse, negative, smear-filled vote hunting. So is Pence.

I doubt it will do them any good at this point. And it isn't as if previous presidents haven't done this occasionally. But it's still the case this is the first truly 24/7, permanent-campaign administration. T's refusal to truly step away from his business interests was an immediate issue but these continuing "I'm just here to pay my respects" or "welcome to our celebration of American Independence" festivities now get no more than shrugs. Of course, he's been so bad on so many far more critical level, so who's got time to worry about such relatively petty transgressions? Nevertheless, he's set a low bar and perhaps a dangerous precedent for unscrupulous successors.
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