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Member since: Fri Aug 19, 2005, 10:23 AM
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I wish that every elected Congress critter

was required to spend a minimum of 6 months:

1) Making minimum wage, preferably in a job that they would find distasteful.
2) Having to find their own health insurance and pay for it out of pocket.
3) With a new baby in the house and no paid family leave.
4) With a sick relative in the house, and no paid family leave.
5) With a chronic illness requiring a certain amount of leave, and no paid leave.
6) In a housing situation where one missed or late payment would leave them homeless.

This list is not exhaustive, of course.

Prior experience does not count. It's too easy to forget how hard it was. I know what it was like to live in poverty. Experiencing it again, now, would leave the fresh taste our lawmakers need to have in their mouths. Unfortunately, some people become less empathetic after emerging from poverty, with the attitude that they did it themselves, it wasn't so bad, etc. That's why it needs to be experienced now by the people deciding how the rest of us are going to make it.

I know it's unreasonable. But so is denying legislation to help people who have to live in those conditions for the foreseeable future.

I guess I'm just getting impatient with the "sausage making" and the lack of urgency displayed by all Republicans and a few Democrats.

This just occurred to me.

Every breath Congress makes regarding BBB is reported on. This is in, this is out, Manchin, Sinema, ad nauseam.

Then we complain that our infighting is what cost us VA.

We hear nothing from Garland because, well, it's all secret.

Then we complain that him doing nothing is what cost us VA. We don't know that he's doing nothing. We just don't see results yet.

Just an observation. I really don't think either of those things make a difference to the average voter. I don't have any answers.

Update on my pension ....

They messed up last month:

It took them until the 18th to finally get the money into my account. Itís due on the 1st. There is no pending transaction, either in my bank or my pension account to give me any hope that it will be there in the morning. So Iíll be spending the next two weeks starting tomorrow morning trying to chase it down. And every month, I suppose. Iím wondering if theyíre trying to kill me with stress.


I just called. They said that it will be going in today but I might not see it until Wednesday because there's quite a long process to bringing people back from the dead. This guy was shocked that there was no effort to get in touch with me or my husband. No snail mail, nothing to notify anyone that they had declared me dead. Yes, they know about him. He had to sign papers and get them notarized. It's not showing up on my pension account because that also takes time to reinstate. It only took minutes to kill me, but apparently it takes over a month to get things back to how they're supposed to be.

We'll see how it looks a little later. Trying not to let the stress kill me. Thanks for listening.

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