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Help with security cameras?

I don't know where I should post this.

Our driveway entrance was vandalized last Saturday night. Someone threw a big pot of clay at the mailbox, which broke the mailbox and then bounced off and spilled all over the newly cleaned entrance and road. We managed to fix the mailbox and clean up the mess somewhat, although it doesn't look as good as it did.

I would very much like to install a security camera. The entrance is 700 feet away from the house, not visible from the house, no access to electricity, and too far away for the WiFi.

I'm looking at 4G solar cameras, but my eyes are glazing over. Some of the reviews said that they couldn't connect to the AT&T network, so don't buy that camera. I chatted with my cellphone carrier and they didn't know squat.

Can anyone tell me where to start, what to look for, etc.? I mean, I'm at square 1 and know absolutely nothing. We have a security system on the house with outdoor cameras near the house, but I already know we can't hook into that.

Thanks in advance.

This is so perfect!

I wish DU had a Super-Bookmark!

Thank you so much for sharing it. Let us know how the congregation responds.
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