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Member since: Sun Sep 11, 2005, 02:30 PM
Number of posts: 5,544

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Mine trolls me,

but I'm hatching a plan to get even.

Posted by populistdriven | Fri Feb 2, 2018, 10:46 PM (3 replies)

Mine trolls me,

but I'm hatching a plan to get even.

Posted by populistdriven | Fri Feb 2, 2018, 10:46 PM (3 replies)

"You know, reliable FBI tips only come from friends of the suspect"

made this, enjoy

some other crappy stuff

Posted by populistdriven | Fri Feb 2, 2018, 06:27 PM (0 replies)

Dominating Egocentrism by Male or Female Bosses & Coworkers

is Despicable Whether Sexual or Otherwise

Posted by populistdriven | Sat Dec 9, 2017, 01:36 AM (0 replies)

his tweets will help convict him

Posted by populistdriven | Sat Dec 9, 2017, 01:29 AM (0 replies)

In Trump's fantasy reality the purpose of those rallies is more like this:

"How Pro NATO Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili Saakashvili was freed from SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) police arrest by a large group of protesters in Kiev, Ukraine on 5 December 2017"


Posted by populistdriven | Tue Dec 5, 2017, 08:22 PM (0 replies)

Us Dems get confused as to end game long before we apply our filter for ethical standards

Welcome to DU!

Republicans, Trump being an extreme example, only view winning as the objective and only filter out that which impedes winning. GOP was only against pedophilia while they thought it hurt them and now that Trump/Bannon has convinced them otherwise they ignore it. Nothing focuses a Republicans mind like the end game to the oblivion of all else. To the GOP there is only winning and that which impedes winning.

Us Dems are actually thoughtful policy wonks and try to follow a coherent, yet somewhat malleable, ideology. With the GOP abandoning almost all of their sacred cows Dems are challenged to find a fight with anybody but our fellow Dems.
Posted by populistdriven | Tue Dec 5, 2017, 06:24 PM (0 replies)

Trump's Only Coherent Ideology Is Making You Mad

The only politics the right-wing knows how to champion is the politics of punching down.

These aren't dog whistles but open appeals to conservatives who aren't as ideological as much as they're angry—angry at immigrants for taking the jobs, angry at phone menus that ask them to press 1 for English, angry that they have to think about whether someone is a Christian or not, or whether they're hurting someone's feelings by using the wrong pronoun. Maybe Trump will make all of that better. Or maybe he'll just infuriate liberals, which is the next best thing.

Or, as Jane Coaston put it in a recent op-ed for BuzzFeed, "The policy conversations and conflicts and basic premises that once governed conservatism—or at least appeared to—have been largely replaced by a set of principles built on the rock-solid foundation of irritating liberals." GOP policies can do much more than merely annoy liberals—ask any trans soldier—but knee-jerk reactions against social progress is what defines conservatism today. Maybe in the past conservatives used the Bible or some nod to tradition to defend their views. But in the age of Trump, they can skip a few steps and go right to hating whatever liberals say.

In a column on Townhall headlined "We Must Elect Senator Kid Rock," conservative Kurt Schlichter wrote, "We're past voting for the ideology. Now we're ready to vote for the id." These two sentences, quoted by Coaston, better explain the rise of Trump, and the reasoning behind the majority of his political decisions, better than almost anything you'll read. Trump has succeeded by playing into broad cultural fears, never mind that his policies are hurting people, like trans folks in the military or undocumented immigrants, who don't have the power to defend themselves.


Posted by populistdriven | Wed Jul 26, 2017, 04:56 PM (4 replies)

Made a cartoon for DU today - The Taints of Donald trump

Posted by populistdriven | Wed May 10, 2017, 12:35 AM (7 replies)

Remember "... it's the Cover-up"? Well what if the reason for the tweet was

exactly that! How better to cover-up your fishing expedition for the "hidden and widely distributed evidence" that Obama scattered throughout various National Security departments than to tweet a made up claim so Trump could then use as cover to start searching for all the copies of the supposed evidence?

Even more ironic would be if Obama hadn't chummed the waters at all. If it was simply a rumor placed to start his frantic searching to cover it up and thereby expose exactly what investigators needed to look for. Even if it doesn't lead to anything it shows the behavior of the guilty party that can be used to corroborate evidence collected by other means.

Oldest trick in the DEA's book.
Posted by populistdriven | Thu Mar 16, 2017, 04:24 PM (1 replies)
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