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Member since: Sun Sep 11, 2005, 02:30 PM
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The Earth will be fine, missing it's ice caps.

I can't say the same for human coastal cities though:



Russia exported Fear and Division to the US & now Russia is drowning in them

Konstantin Samoilov speaking for himself only from inside southern Russia August 7 2022.
I wonder if people felt like this in 1933 in Germany.

Fear is growing since February 24.
The purges are coming in waves.
Friends are turning each other in.
More aggression in public.
Distrust in public.
More black and white thinking.
Fear of using blue accidentally with yellow.
Every day is like before a boxing match.
It's more intense every day.
His "phony prayer" 😓 at the end is so truthful, sad, and raw 🙏

Apotheosis of the Russian Empire

Florida Rep. Joe Harding is a shithead

I put nothing past these scumbags. They would take a potentially traumatized child and rip away all trust for the only people they may have any connection left to: their teachers.

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