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I've mentioned AshleyMadison to friends and co-workers

and everyone I've talked to about it had only negative things to say. Maybe it's just because so many in my age-group (50's) have sown their wild oats and are in long-term monogamous relationships.

As for the women who say their children were fathered by men they met through AshleyMadison, I have to wonder if they have concerns about genetic issues and family histories of the guy they had the affair with? What if the guy they hook up with and get pregnant by has a family history of heart attacks or cancer? My wife found out, at age 50, that her dad isn't actually her dad. When we put the puzzle together we discovered her bio-father has a family medical history that has us concerned for my wife's health in the years to come.

Lastly, wouldn't it suck to keep a secret that big your whole life? Why choose to do that?

In 2005 a DU'er responded to the question "how big is massive?"

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