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Member since: Thu Oct 13, 2005, 03:25 AM
Number of posts: 27,684

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A Tale of Two GOP Pigs

I would vote for a 100-year-old candidate who stands up for women's rights before I would vote for a candidate who thinks women's rights are as trivial as they are expendable.

I would vote for Joe Biden, who is being cast by the GOP as being 'senile', before I would vote for a twice-impeached idiot who suggested nuking hurricanes, injecting bleach to cure Covid, and claimed that the Revolutionary War was won when Americans shut down the airports in 1776.

I would vote for Joe Biden any day over any candidate who bans books, vilifies the LGBT community, and thinks that fighting drag queens and Mickey Mouse is somehow proof of his fitness for office.

Honestly, Republicans, I don't know what you were thinking when you decided that your best shot at regaining the White House was championing a lying failure who tried to overthrow democracy, and/or a spineless jerk-off who thinks the rest of the country actually wants to be the same shithole he has turned Florida into.

In case you haven't noticed - and apparently you haven't - the ignorant MAGAts you are trying so hard to appeal to aren't anywhere near enough voters to elect either of your preferred assholes to the Oval Office.

While I appreciate your valiant efforts to put lipstick on your chosen pigs, they still are, first and foremost, two pigs.

Be careful, Republicans

Statements spewed through lying teeth have a tendency to come back and bite you in the ass.

Support for unpopular policies eventually winds up proving how unpopular you are at the ballot box.

Standing by a loser means being a loser - or someone too stupid to recognize a loser when you saw one. Same diff, either way.

Repeatedly kissing a deranged narcissist's ass is always a sign of unrelenting. ass-kissing cowardice.

Betrayal of your own constituents' best interests never bodes well for those walking around with thirty pieces of silver jangling in their pockets.

Betrayal of your own country is not something you can walk back - it's something you'll be walked on for what's left of your political careers.

Being the party of racists, xenophobes, bigots, and conspiracy whack-jobs may look good right now - but I assure you that you'll regret it - if not now, soon - and for the rest of your lives.

The question now is how many off-ramps will you continue to ignore before you recognize the sign-post up ahead - the one that says Last Exit to Sanity Before You Crash and Burn.

Or Forever Hold Your Peace ...

It's no secret. The GOP is now the party of bigots, racists, gun-humpers, and ignorant illiterates determined to destroy democracy.

Their heroes are insurrectionists and murderers, their 'Christianity' is based on hypocrisy, and their 'family values' includes forcing women and female children to carry their rapists' babies to term.

Their concept of 'freedom' is citizens being told what they are allowed to read, to say, and to wear.

Their 'leader' is a twice-impeached, indicted liar currently under investigation for numerous crimes, including attempting to overthrow our government. And their idea of 'strength' is to kiss his ass and kow-tow to his every insane demand.

Now is the time for any and all Republicans who don't want to be forever associated with the party of conspiracy-spewing whackjobs to stand up and speak out - and in case you haven' noticed, time is running out.

Have you noticed, Republican voters?

Have you noticed how much better your lives are since your party has taken over the House?

Have you noticed how mass shootings have decreased since the GOP started banning books?

Have you noticed how much safer your communities are since the GOP started going after Drag Queens?

Have you noticed how your taxes have gone down since the GOP started banning abortions?

Have you noticed how your wages have gone up since the GOP started investigating anti-American subversives - like teachers and librarians?

Have you noticed how you don't have to worry about your children dying in school at the hands of weapon-wielding gunmen since the GOP started focusing on the evils of Pride parades?

Have you noticed how many good-paying new jobs have been created since the GOP started talking about re-investigating Hillary Clinton?

Of course you haven't noticed - because everything the GOP promised you will never happen.

So congrats to all of the Republicans who voted for everything they wanted - and got nothing in return.

Nuthin' says "Putting America First" ...

... like a political party willing to crash the US economy and put millions of people out of work in hopes of re-electing a twice-impeached, indicted 'pResident' currently under investigation for - among other crimes - attempting to overthrow the government he swore to serve and protect.

You might say you can't make this shit up - but you don't have to, because the GOP is already making it up for you.


If you're a Trump-humping MAGAt, I just scared the living shit out of you with a single word.

You don't know what the word means, and your Republican politicians can never define it when asked for an explanation of what it is, or what it represents.

What they do know is that invoking that word strikes fear in the heart of every ignorant dumbass who they've brainwashed into believing that a single, one syllable word - when applied to anything - means something onerous, something evil, something that portends the end of civilization as we know it.

Let that sink in. You have been trained like dogs to react to a word. You foam at the mouth over a word. You totally lose your shit over a word.

And you wonder why sane, intelligent people see you as the fucking idiots you are.

Don't understand why MTG ,,,

... is so afraid of Jamaal Bowman.

Shouldn't she be more afraid of being in the cross-hairs of Jewish Space Lasers, and being stalked by the Gazpacho Police?

I often wonder if what passes for this woman's brain is the result of a failed science experiment conjured-up in a peach-tree dish somewhere.

How STUPID do you have to be ...

... to support the party that is willing to crash the economy in order to force the poor further into poverty, while maintaining tax breaks for people who own yachts and private jets?

Talk about "voting against your own interests", Republican voters apparently have that all sewn up.

To Whom It May Concern ...

On behalf of decent, patriotic Americans everywhere, I'd like to remind those of you who need reminding of the following:

Bigots will not replace us.

Nazis will not replace us.

White supremacists will not replace us.

Insurrectionists will not replace us.

Haters will not replace us.

Liars will not replace us.

Propagandists will not replace us.

Conspiracy spewers will not replace us.

Gun nuts will not replace us.

Got it?

How about Walking the Walk, Republicans?

Jesus admonished his followers to shelter the homeless - and yet Republicans consistently vote against any efforts to do so, while Democrats vote for affordable housing for those in need.

Jesus instructed his adherents to feed the hungry - and yet Republicans consistently vote against programs like providing free meals to school children, while Democrats vote for such programs.

Jesus bade his true disciples to care for the sick and dying - and yet Republicans consistently vote against expanding programs like Medicare and Medicaid, while Democrats vote for wider medical coverage and lowering the price of life-saving drugs.

Jesus advocated "turning the other cheek" when confronted with violence - and yet Republicans vote for easier access to weapons that encourage violence as a solution to such confrontations, while Democrats vote against putting lethal weapons in the hands of those who think "turning the other cheek" is an unacceptable alternative.

Jesus told his flock to love their neighbours - and yet Republicans vote against any measures that recognize love for their neighbours who are of different faiths, different sexualities, different ethnicities, while Democrats vote for diversity and inclusion.

So tell us again, Republicans, why you keep holding yourselves out as the party of Christian values, when you never fail to vote against everything that your beloved Lord and Saviour told you to do.

His words were explicit, and left little doubt as to their meaning. True Christians around the world heard what he said.

Apparently you were too busy being hypocrites to listen.
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