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Goddess-centric Pagan, student of Hermetics, Socialist Democrat before it became cool.

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by Artemisia de Vine

It has been four years since I became a full-time sexuality professional: a whore. Wow what an incredible journey it has been! I have grown so much as a person and as a professional to become the Goddess of Conscious Kink and the Erotic Arts I am today. I have worked under many names and in many different roles and learned a wide variety of erotic arts from feathers to whips, following the erotic cookie crumbs on a journey of sweat, flesh, cum and self discovery.

This morning I let my mind drift back in time to a pivotal moment a couple of years before I decided to enter the adult industry. I now see that it was my initiation into whoredom. The memory touched me so much I wept. I want to share it with you. I want to honor the people who may not realise they played a part in making me who I am.

I’ve always been a sexually curious adventurer. My friends would say, “Can’t you talk about anything else besides sex?” I’d be quite baffled at that. It was my passion and fascination. It was my thing. I’ve also always been drawn to look into the “whys” and “hows” of the human psyche. It became a natural thing for me to want to explore sexuality with awareness. However it has been a long journey and I started with practically no knowledge and a deep, destructive sense of shame due to my strict upbringing.

My adventures in self discovery led me to try all sorts of outrageous things: BDSM, swinging, group sex, ritual sex, exhibitionism and more. You name it, I tried it. I lost count of how many lovers of all genders I’d had well and truly before I turned professional. Through it all I remained a spiritual being who aimed to have integrity. Oh I made mistakes aplenty, but my intention was to remain in integrity for my own well-being and for that of my play partners.


She played with words pictures and poetry to create impressions: snippets of things long ago, of myth, of legend, of temples to the Goddess where sacred prostitutes were once honored, of times when Goddesses were revered. She whispered of incense, flesh, spirit, of embodied, empowered women, menstrual blood, lovers entwined, erotic pleasure, dance… the visceral and the ethereal. Cunt. Whore. Slut. Spirit. Heart. All as words of empowerment not degradation.

much more at: http://badwitch.es/initiation-whore/

This comes from a really good site with lots of food for thought and other things...
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