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Hometown: Natural Steps, AR
Current location: Natural Steps, AR
Member since: Sun Jan 8, 2006, 07:02 PM
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Goddess-centric Pagan, student of Hermetics, Socialist Democrat before it became cool.

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Movie: Hell or High Water

This is a true to life movie, especially if a person is very very smart. I'm not going to out any spoilers but if you sit back (you've got 2 hours) and watch and think about it, a person could do the same as Toby. He's quite brilliant actually in how he thinks out on saving the family land.

One thing that struck me is how the cinematographer and director captured the America we (rural) live in: dying, dusty towns that have been left behind, with only the Debt Relief mafia's left, with railroad tracks running through the middle.

So when you watch film, watch the background too of each shot. That's where we are. We've been left out since the 1970s and there are no start-up funds bailing out our downtowns. No money in it.

Jeff Bridges chews up the scenery because he was given that free hand to do so. He is any cop USA.

Good film which gives you lots to think on, which is what a good movie does.
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