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Goddess-centric Pagan, student of Hermetics, Socialist Democrat before it became cool.

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Living Colour - The Cult of Personality


Seems fitting - just found out they won a Grammy for this song


In trying to conflate PBO with *, MJ said that the public was shocked! shocked! that PBO would go to the family and sit down and have supper at 6 pm - at Michelle's absolute insistence - but leave out that he would then go back to the office and work anywhere from 11 pm to 2 am, depending on what was going on. It was really surprising that Amisha (sp?) Alcendor just sat there and said nothing.

And write letters back to those who wrote to the White House/PBO. Not everyone mind you, there were way too many. An office was set up to process the letters (they go into the National Archives) and the head of the office would pull 10 letters for him to read each evening before he went to bed. That simple, mindful act each evening is just part of the reasons why he will always be endearing to the public - he really did try and make things better. The Party of Putin fought him every single step of the way.

This what-about-ism has got to go from our public discourse.

Another thing, MJ and his entire panel are insisting Elizabeth does NOT have a chance, but it's Biden all the way. My problem is that a bunch of gop'ers, who wrecked havoc when they were in office, now want to pick the Democratic Nominee and will LIE to do so. The way the MSM has treated Elizabeth since the stories about the "billionaire class" and Wall Street absolutely do not want her to be the nominee nor president has been abominable. This week is the first time she's even been on Rachel for TWO months, or any show for that matter.

We are perfectly capable of choosing our own candidates, thank you.

This is so with everyone of their shows - with 2 exceptions, Rachel & Lawrence O'Donnell - even Chris Hayes only has GOP/Former GOPers on his show. Take a real listen to who they all have on their shows as Talking Heads.

PLUS, MJ keeps saying that Pres. Clinton's impeachment was over sexual harassment & rape, which it was not. When push came to shove, all the women who went on tv and said Clinton did harass them, NOT ONE would be officially deposed and go on the official record that Clinton did so. It is the reason Starr took, what 3 years, to find a blow job and that was only for lying to Congress about an affair that was none of congress' concern?

My enthusiastic support of Elizabeth is not that she is a female, but that she was a regular on the Bill Moyers Show on PBS for years. She was such a breath of fresh air during Bush II administrations, laying out what the problems are and how to fix them, especially after the asses passed the 2005 bankruptcy bill, excluding student "loans" from the mix. (They are not loans when you cannot refinance, lower the interest rate, move to another lender, etc. It's indentured servitude.)

MSNBC throws us Amy Klobachar (sp?) as the "female" voice but I have 3 words for her as to why it will take everything in my power to ever vote for her - Senator Al Franken. When he was forced out, she got some more juice when she became the senior senator from MN.

PLUS, Mika and her Know Your Worth shtick, let's MJ walk all over her when they are on together, interrupts her constantly, talks down to her. I cannot believe she puts up with it since she is the Executive Producer of the show. I think it's gotten worse since they were married.

Thanks for the rant. The only reason I have watched the show is that some Democratic Party Members do go on their show and make good points. After their segment is over, MJ goes back to GOP lies.

Thanks for allowing me to rant. Today was the last straw. I thought his/their show would be about moderates espousing their thoughts - there I go again, thinking - but day after day, week after week, the Party of Putin line has increasingly gotten worse. The "billionaire class" he kowtows to shows every day.
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