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Hometown: Natural Steps, AR
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Member since: Sun Jan 8, 2006, 07:02 PM
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Goddess-centric Pagan, student of Hermetics, Socialist Democrat before it became cool.

Journal Archives

Called my County Elections Comm - re: Bone Folder for Mail In Ballots

I woke up this a.m. thinking about our horrible mail in ballots and came up with an idea that would help with mail in ballots across the country.

There is a tool called a Bone Folder [link:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bone_folder|] that has been around since at least the Middle Ages. It helps to give a sharp crease in paper, card stock, heavyweight paper and smooths out creases.

It would save wear and tear on muscles/shoulders of the poll workers having to smooth out the ballots. Here, each and every envelope is opened up and smoothed out by the poll workers.

I had looked online at Joann's and Michael's and told her that Joann's is having a sale on them right now and Michael's has coupons for their items.

It would make the process so much easier because ballots are apt to be kicked out due to the crease. Someone (!) in their infinite wisdom put Joe & Kamala's "bubble" right on the crease of our mail-in ballots. We are the largest and bluest county in our state and I want to make sure there are no SNAFU's over some "design flaw." - and.Every.Vote.Counts.

I could tell from talking to her that she was not feigning interest, that she said she was taking the suggestion to her boss and it looked like she may just be going shopping either today or tomorrow.

It is an inexpensive tool - $4-$6 for the cheaper ones, can go up to $24 (!) (thanks * tariffs) for a good one.

Might want to pass the info to someone working in the ballot rooms - just helping out the shoulders of those would be magnificent.

PUCO - I predict tabulation problems with mail-in votes

I woke up this am thinking about the mail-in ballots (as we are all want to do) and realized 1) who's the asshole who designed the MIHOP mail-in ballots and 2) possible/probable tabulation problems.

I don't know how the ballots look in the rest of the state, because, instead of Joe & Kamala being at the top of the ballot behind *, they are listed right in the middle of the fold (behind Kanye even), where our PUCO Clerk says ballots generally have scanner problems - reading the ballots or being kicked out due to the fold.

Yeah, MIHOP problems. I feel sorry for the poll workers, having to flatten out those votes without a bone folder in sight.

To Add: If you know of any poll workers working Tuesday, have them call their Scrapbooking friends and ask them if they can borrow any and all bone folders. They are tailor made for creases. I have several I can lend.

Y'all be careful out there - it's Rutting Season

Co-worker of DH was hit by buck out of nowhere last night, driving on a two-lane highway on the outskirts of small town. Came charging out of a cemetery, co-worker never saw him just "plow!" Co-worker is okay but extremely shaken up.

Newbies to the country life, every fall, October to November, Bucks awash of in hormones (think musth in elephants) and want to screw every female and fight every male, which includes vehicles. It seems the bigger the vehicle, the more likely bucks will want to ram it.

Be especially careful at dawn and twilight but after dark, really, anytime. People die somewhere during this time being rammed by bucks.

PSA Over

Your Daily Ray of Sunshine - Playing For Change - Everyday People


Nancy should go all Alexander Haig since Pence is going to need to quarantine also

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