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Gender: Male
Hometown: Delaware
Member since: Fri Jan 20, 2006, 07:14 PM
Number of posts: 62,444

Journal Archives

Boehner's "bar full of guys looking for work"

What kind of work are they looking for in there?


Take away their unemployment checks and they'll start looking for work, instead of hanging out at the bar all day and throwing out that black guy who keeps bothering them.

Jon Boehner might know more about what's going on than we think.

Ah... Christie is on, and my hemlock is almost ready

I guess I'm all set, then.

USADA accidentally strips Neil Armstrong of "first man on moon" title

Okay now this is just getting out of hand.

So, will anyone in Tampa acknowledge Neil Armstrong

...and by implication the US government program which put him on the moon and returned him safely to earth?

Within the time frame set by JFK?

Neil Armstrong

I cannot even begin to relate the influence that he, and the project of which he was an icon, had in my life. So, I won't try.

The guy that flew this:

Had everything in the world to brag about, and never did.


...This point was roughly over Pasadena, La Canada, and the Rose  Bowl, 45 miles south of Edwards Air Force Base!  This is the northern edge of the Los Angeles Basin, on the south side of the San Gabriel Mountains.

If not for that 3 g turn Armstrong's next radio contact might have needed to sound something like this:  "Los Angeles Approach, X-15 66672 needs immediate clearance for straight-in approach to runway 25 Right at LAX."

GOP Rules Committee Meets In Special Session

Disruptor Tip #838 - pronouns

Trolling is not just about "acting like" a troll. But as with acting, to excel one should be a "method troll". Be the troll, and not someone who is trolling.

To be the troll is to avoid the inadvertent use of third person pronouns in reference to Democrats, progressives, liberals, and all of us fabulous furry folk who collective make DU, and are proud, bickering DUers.

For example, the method troll will not refer to DU as "their website," "them," or some other third person plural which is so pointedly exclusive of oneself.

That is all.

OMG - tonight's prison show on MSNBC is dreadful

Left the TV on after Rachel, and they are doing a profile of a real psychopath.

Why the tax returns matter in a very concrete way

Am I the only one who remembers that a sitting Vice President was removed from office for tax evasion?

By the way, voter ID has a slight anti-female bias

Pennsylvania has instituted a no-cost "voter ID" (for those who have time to take off work and wait at the understaffed DMV).

However, even if a state DMV does that, it still does not make the cost of obtaining the necessary documents for free.

If you were born in another state, for example, PA can't make that state cough up a birth certificate for free.

The overwhelming majority of men have their name on their birth certificate.

A large number of women do not. Many women change their name upon marriage, and hence they require an additional state record aside from just their birth certificate. Additional marriages can further complicate that, depending on whether they chose to continue using their most recent name, change it back, or change it again.

Certified state document fees add up. I learned this the hard way when I was getting a passport for one of my then-minor children, and needed a certified statement from my re-married ex-wife. Just to back up the certification required a birth certificate and two marriage certificates.

They are cheap here in DE at around ten bucks a pop (at that time), but in states where these are $20 and up, it could cost $40 and up just to vote.
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