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Gender: Male
Hometown: Delaware
Member since: Fri Jan 20, 2006, 07:14 PM
Number of posts: 62,444

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Remember Joe Lieberman's disposable political party?

The one he formed to get onto the CT ballot? Then it was taken over by someone who didn't even like him after it served the purpose of getting him re-elected?

Romney has done kind of the same thing, except he bought one off the shelf.

At all levels below the presidential race, the remains of the GOP is being fought over between Teabaggers and Paulites, like hyenas after a rotten carcass - of an elephant.

Mitt Romney would just as soon associate with those people as your cat wants a bath. And once he's done with it, away down the drain it goes.

Let me tell you something about Joe Biden re: Ryan

Joe Biden was a senator for a long, long time. And he became a fairly influential and widely respected one. He wasn't on Judiciary and Foreign Relations because his colleagues thought it would be fun to give those seats to a Senator from the second smallest state. It's because he hired good staff and he keeps a learning mind. He knows what he knows well, and he has the gift of knowing the limits of his knowledge, and delving deeply into what he needs to know when he hits one, and identifying who to ask to explain it to him.

He doesn't just know "things," he knows people - and it is his emotional intelligence and experience in dealing with and understanding people which makes him formidable. He's been around a long time, and he's seen a dozen Paul Ryans come and go. He knows how they tick, and how to make them unwind. And, most importantly, how to explain to an audience how he differs from them and why it matters to that audience. He makes a great closing argument.

I am looking forward to the debate.

Does Spooked911 Post Anywhere?

Didn't he have a blog or something? Like the Nutty Scientist or something?

I still don't know who is enforcing the moon blockade, and I've been totally roped in by this mars lander fakery.



Shaving Ryan's Privates

Can't Paul Ryan just shave off that V thing along his hairline?

Or would that cause some kind of infectious outbreak?

These are selling out fast....

Andrea Mitchell suggest Ryan widens the gender gap....

While Chuck Todd looks at her like she just started speaking in Latin, or some other language about which he cannot comprehend.

Chuck Todd is talking about "getting a bump"

I didn't hear it all that clearly, so I don't know if he was talking about a VP and convention bump, or if Chuckie was updating his facebook status.

Is there anything - other than gittin' rich - Mitt Romney is good at?

Like, if you dropped him outside of his bubble and into the real world, what would he do if he actually had to exercise practical skills or talents at... anything.

I mean, I don't see too many listings in the employments ads stating:


Personality Issues?

We have immed. open
for shameless liar who
creeps the hell out of
women. Must be able
to change sincere beliefs
180 degrees at the first
whiff of self-interest.
Must have own transportation
and money.

BOX #2012GOP
No agencies, No commissions"

Is there a "Texas Air National Guard Memo" in the works

This whole "Mitt didn't pay any taxes for ten years" thing seems like a good set-up for a Dan Rather moment.

Whether he did or didn't, the point is that he has not disclosed basic information that is normally released by a candidate for president. We don't know what he paid or didn't pay.

Granted, any further disclosure is going to result in discoveries of interesting things in them.

But the focus on the particular allegation that he didn't pay any taxes seems to be one way to deal with releasing them. If he does release more information, and it shows that he paid a non-zero amount, then does that minimize the impact of other information in them by saying, "You see, all those people were lying about him not paying any taxes"?
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