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Gender: Male
Hometown: Delaware
Member since: Fri Jan 20, 2006, 07:14 PM
Number of posts: 62,444

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My iPhone spell check prefers "marihuana"

I thought "marijuana" was more popular.

Which do you prefer?

Since when is the White House supposed to be a public conduit for live intel?

In an emerging situation with the perpetrators at large, what useful purpose is served by providing live reports of what is known?

That seems to be the premise of Romney's whole Libyan schtick - that the White House is not providing instantaneous reportage of what we know about terrorist operations.

Are we supposed to think that would be a good idea in all circumstances?

Even if he was correct, I still wouldn't get the point.

I'd like to see the president go a little lower on Intrade

I put off buying at 54 last time around and have been kicking myself since. If I can get a 45% upside, I'm going large.

So just who were those "Scott Brown staffers"

The racist punks on Scott Brown's staff doing the "Indian war whoop" routine at the Warren rally - has anyone come across their names?

I'd be particularly interested in the name of the lead punk with the baseball cap in the video of the event.

Thanks in advance.

Juror #1, please read more carefully

Take a class if you have to.

That is all.

GOP 2008: "Country First!" GOP 2012: "Me First!"

One ahudders to imagine their 2016 slogan.

"Need brains!" or "Bread good!" come to mind.

Romney suspends campaign to address crisis

Drawing a page from the 2008 GOP presidential campaign playbook, Mitt Romney hastily assembled a press conference this evening where he announced:

"Today's economic news is unprecedented. We are staring into the abyss of the lowest unemployment figure and highest stock market numbers since the start of the catastrophic Obama presidency. I call on my opponent to also suspend his campaign and travel to Washington immediately to work with my Republican colleagues on solutions to the growing employment problem."

A word about presidenting - people cheat

How to say this succinctly....

If you can be defeated by a set of hidden crib notes in a hanky, you are not fit to be president.

The President of the United States has to navigate a complex world of conflicting, incomplete, and sometimes deliberately untruthful information.

The world doesn't play by a set of rules where everyone is expected to behave on their honor. Now, that's the approach to take, but if your strategic approach to success depends on nobody cheating, then I don't care if anyone is cheating or not - you do not have a realistic approach to winning.

President Obama allowed Mitt to spew crap, threaten Big Bird, run away from his tax plans, and backtrack on his promise to repeal Obamacare.

Now, earlier that day, people started shooting each other across the Syria-Turkey border. I have every confidence that President Obama did not take one second away from the attention that situation demanded, for the purpose of thinking or even caring what was going to happen in the debate.

President Obama did not let Romney walk back the 47% comments, because he obviously made a deliberate decision to let Romney spew, but to disallow Romney to recite canned responses to obvious attacks.

For whatever reason, that was the approach he decided to take, and it was the approach he took.

President Obama is by no means perfect, and certainly has had some surprises and had to re-work a few things here and there.

HOWEVER, he is also a very good politician. In the long run, you will lose a lot of money betting against his judgment. One of the hallmarks of his approach to politics is to let his opponents screw themselves. He makes very few errors, which is why the right has to strain and stretch to dig up, for example, the Joe the Plumber exchange, tear a few words out of the larger context, and build an entire mythology around "redistribution". They really have to work to try to blow air into those leaky balloons.

Against the tremendous intelligence and wit of this exceptional man, and his judgment on how to approach this particular debate, the proposal here is that it can all be run widdershins by a crib sheet.

OMG, if some world leader brings a crib sheet to a treaty discussion or a multi-lateral negotiation, we are obviously screwed as a nation!

I don't give a tinker's damn whether Mitt had the Google and the Library of Congress in microprint shoved up his ass, and the Encyclopedia Brittanica tattooed on the inside of his eyelids, I am not inclined to believe that it matters, and I find the suggestion that President Obama was undone by a crib sheet to be a severe and frankly insulting underestimation of this remarkable man.

Mitt Romney Lies So Much That Once In A While He's True By Accident

What's amazing is that he keeps it pretty far down below the statistical 50% by sheer force of will.

Imagine if your words could move markets and start wars

Just your words.

Maybe even just an offhand comment, or something said hastily.

How verbally aggressive would you be?
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