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Gender: Male
Hometown: Delaware
Member since: Fri Jan 20, 2006, 07:14 PM
Number of posts: 62,444

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Mitt Proven Right!

I listened to Her Royal Romnificence for about 30 seconds and, sure enough, I was already tired of her at 15.

They gotta pull back the dosage on her to - maybe - single frame subliminal inserts only once a week.

There are newly discovered elements that hang together longer than my appetite to listen to her scolding someone about something.

My Seamus Epiphany - Seamus Is All You Need To Know About Mitt

A couple of months ago, it seemed to me it was all-Seamus all the time here on DU. At least three threads a day, funny graphics, the works.

"Okay, I got it, he put a dog on the roof," I thought, "That's not going to win or lose a presidential election."

What has finally hit me like a ton of bricks is that Seamus is not some stupid thing he did long ago, it is the essence of this man.

This guy thinks putting the dog on the roof and hosing it off was a good approach to the problem of taking the dog on vacation.

He wants to decide our budget priorities?

This guy not only thought it was a good idea - he bragged about it.

He wants to appoint Supreme Court Justices?

He thought it was a stellar example of how he can solve a problem.

He wants his finger on the nuclear button?

This guy probably had more regard for that dog than he does for a vaguely-defined 47% of this country.

It's not about some silly thing long ago. Every time this guy reveals more of his character, it becomes apparent that the Seamus story is not about something he did - it is about who he is!

Remember folks - He LIKED the dog, and he has less regard for dang near everyone else. Do you really want to let him drive this car for the next four years?

While Obama will have coattails...

...the only thing Mitt will be pulling along is a piece of toilet paper stuck to his heel.

That and Paul Ryan.

Criminal soft drink labs planned by NY gangs

Using the same strategy used to produce meth, NYC's criminal gangs are planning to expand their market to include sugary drinks of more than 16 ounces.

By sending several purchasers to a single store to each purchase eight ounce soft drinks, health authorities say that the labs are capable of combining them into drinks that are 16 ounces, and even larger.

Using multiple purchasers, or smurfs, an illicit chemist can disguise what would otherwise be the purchase of these large-drink precursor chemicals. Using ordinary household supplies, and a recipes that can be found on the Internet, one gang member says that from raw material obtained by having the smurfs hit several convenience stores, they can produce dozens of sugary soft drinks in sizes larger than 16 ounces each day. Some users have even been caught with portable soft drink labs they can use right in the store.

Juror #3 is confused



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Spam, spam, eggs, bacon, spam and spam


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Juror #4 voted to HIDE IT and said: Spam? No thank you maam.
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FOX: Obama Campaign Seizes on Mitt Romney "Victims" Video

Oh the job of a FOX headline writer...

Having to take a prime example of your guy having stepped boldly and alone into a pile of dogshit perched atop the third rail, and make it look like Obama did something to him.

I suppose next they'll have "liberals attack embassies in frenzy over offensive Mitt Romney video"

What makes red-staters think Mitt likes farm subsidies?

I don't profess to be an expert on the subject of farm subsidies, but what makes them think they are immune to Mitt's indictment of recipients?

I like the new Romney stragety

They said they would change course, and boy how they have.

No longer content with alienating identifiable blocks of voters such as women, latinos, LGBT, and so forth, the Romney campaign has kicked into high gear by dissing an unidentified 47% of the electorate, without regard to color, creed, origin, gender, or disability.

Well done, Mr. Romney, well done.

When should we tell them that the winner is decided by who gets the most votes?

Liz Cheney: Francisco Franco is NOT DEAD

In a statement sure to embarrass the writers at SNL news, Liz Cheney was reported to have issued this update from the undisclosed location where she is under observation.

I missed the news, did Germany invade Czechoslovakia again?

In a nutshell, aside from naming a non-existent country, wtf point was she on about?

I mean, hey, I'm as upset as the next guy over the breakup of the Habsburg Empire, but I think I'm pretty much over it on a personal level.
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