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jberryhill's Journal
jberryhill's Journal
November 27, 2014

I just got a call from the "Computer Support Department"

...which sounded like it was located in a foreign call center.

Usually I pretend to be playing along and acting really, really dumb by misinterpreting every one of their instructions.... "Wait, you want me to turn the internet off? I don't know how to do that!"

Eventually they get fed up, or I get tired of acting, and we do not part amicably.

Today it was:

"Que? No hablo Ingles. Espanol por favor."

For a moment there, when I got that the guy understood what I was asking, and was going to either take a stab at it or switch me to someone else.

But, alas, he was not up to my blowing smoke up his ass in Spanish either, but he very politely apologized for not speaking Spanish.

It's good to know the scammers have upped their customer service standards.

November 27, 2014

Have we had the "Thanksgiving Dinner Ends In Shooting" story yet?

And, if not, is there a pool on which state gets to claim firsties?

I'll put in a spot on Pennsylvania. Texas and Florida nutballs come and go, but there's a respectably steady supply of them in PA.

November 13, 2014

Kentucky: Obama/2012 - 37% Lundergan-Grimes/2014 - 41%

No matter how you slice it, Allison Lundergan Grimes received a higher percentage of the Kentucky vote in a midterm election than President Obama did in the presidential vote in 2012.

This simple observation does not support the conclusion that being perceived as more closely aligned with President Obama would have helped her against a longstanding incumbent Senator.

I would think Kentuckians would find Mitt Romney to be much less desirable a candidate than Mitch McConnell.

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