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jberryhill's Journal
jberryhill's Journal
October 26, 2016

What were Galileo's balls made of?

Now I realize that the story of him dropping balls from a tower is most likely mythical.

But in his experiments involving ramps, balls and a water clock, I'm curious about the experimental setup and the scale at which one could reliably detect consistent acceleration across different masses.

Even if significant wind resistance is eliminated, there will still be rolling resistance issues that will scale with the inverse of the size, and hence the mass of his balls.

At that time in his region, he would have access to lead balls, brass balls, glass or marble balls. Were balls used for recreation, like bocce, commonly available at that time, or would he have to make his own balls?
October 24, 2016

I have seen evidence of rigged ballots already

Looking at several sample ballots from various places, I see evidence of improper attempts to influence people to vote for Hillary Clinton.

It's consistent across several states.

The way they've set up the ballots, people are given a choice between voting for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

I think that gives Clinton an unfair advantage.

October 22, 2016

Who is renting all those buses?

Okay, so the Trumpsters have figured out the plot to load up buses with illegal immigrant registered dead people voters, which was a real trick since we had to match up all of the death notices of the roughly 2.6 million dead people with registered voter datbases, get the lists of names, and match up the illegals with the list of names they are supposed to use at the different polling places and get them assigned in groups to the buses that will hit those polling places.

But, I'm trying to figure out that if we can fit them on school buses, two to a seat, then that works out to be 72 per bus, tops.

Let's give them a one-hour per poll, to unload, vote, get back on, and go to the next poll, then each bus can hit, say, a dozen polling places.

So, for each busload, we get 864 votes.

Now, the margin between Romney and Obama in Indiana was over 267,000 votes, requiring 300 buses to break even.

Since Trump is so fabulous, we're going to need at least twice that many buses, probably closer to 600 - each one making twelve stops with a full load of 72 fake voters.

Do you think anyone in the bus charter business in Indiana - or any of the 600 bus operator licensees who are going to be driving these buses - are going to be able to keep their mouths shut?

Where are all these buses being chartered, and who is driving them?
October 22, 2016


One of the perennial low-level dirty campaign tricks is that someone will send an email, post on Facebook, or even on DU, that we are going to show our strength in numbers at the polls by wearing a hat, t-shirt, button, or whatever, to the polls.


If you want to stand in a public place and wear your shirt, wave a sign, or whatever... find out your jurisdiction's rules on how far away from the polling place you need to be. In my state, they'll put out markers, and chalk the pavement, so that your local alderman, state rep, dogcatcher and county pudknocker can stand around and shake hands.

Now, the nitwits have already spread around this stupid shit and are telling all the Trumpsters to "wear red" so that their numbers can't be denied. I'll bet you five bucks we are going to hear stories of "THEY WOULDN'T LET ME VOTE" because these idiots are going to insist on wearing their MAGA hats and Trump t-shirts into the polling place. If there are going to be problems, it will be from nitwits getting their back up when informed they can't do that, and insisting on their Consteetooshunal Rights!

Please make sure that you and yours know better. If you are doing campaigning that day, then turn your t-shirt inside out or put on a jacket, vote, leave, and get your jiggy on after you are out of the no campaigning zone.
October 22, 2016

For every regulation, get rid of two - lol!

This is comedy gold.

It also crystallizes why these people cannot have a serious conversation about anything.

In order to ban Samsung phones from aircraft, the FAA has to get rid of seatbelts and exit lighting, I suppose.

Of course that's an oversimplification, but I'd love to know how we count a "regulation".

By section number? Paragraph? Sub-paragraph? Well of course not, because then the government could just punctuate around the 2 for 1 rule.


1. Airplane seats must have seat belts.

2. Airplane seat belts must withstand X Newtons of force.

Is that two regulations?


1. Airplane seats must have seat belts capable of withstanding X Newtons of force.

Is that one regulation?

Or are we going to linguistically analyze all proposed and existing regulations in order to figure out how many rules are contained within a "regulation"?
October 22, 2016

Trump promises that his first 100 days in office...

...will be completed in record time.

October 22, 2016

New Data Shows Trump With Clear Path To 270...

...accusations of sexual assault.

Seriously he probably will get more of those than electoral votes. Post your bets on the over.

October 21, 2016

Just when I was thinking "okay, he's going to get through this ok"..

He's not good at reading prepared remarks, but was doing "okay" before the train wreck.
October 20, 2016

Consider The Compelling Cases For Johnson And Stein

Here are my Johnson steins:

And here are my cases:


October 19, 2016

Did the Presidential Debate Commission Check Whether Trump Still Qualifies On Poll Numbers?

As I recall, the candidates have to have a certain percentage of support in the polls in order to participate.

I'd think by now, they might swap him out for Vermin Supreme.

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