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Gender: Male
Hometown: Delaware
Member since: Fri Jan 20, 2006, 07:14 PM
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Why ultra-Orthodox weddings and funerals persist

Haredi Orthodox Jews gather in Brooklyn for a rabbi's funeral, April 28, 2020. (Reuven Blau/Twitter)


How this translates to the average ultra-Orthodox and Hasidic constituent is as follows: non-Jews answer directly to secular authorities, but we look to our own leaders for guidance; those leaders maintain relationships with the city and state, so that we are left alone.

When the coronavirus first began spreading in New York City, some people immediately knew where the hardest hit areas would be. The Purim holiday was only days away, when the amount of mingling and food sharing is even greater than usual. Anyone with a basic understanding of science and how viruses are transmitted could foresee what would transpire. But ultra-Orthodox leaders clearly didn’t, and they bear a great deal of responsibility for what happened.

Still, most of the blame lies with these elected officials, who have allowed the status quo to persist. This is why even after certain leaders stopped mocking the social distancing guidelines — the Kiryas Joel Satmar rabbi had told his people he’d explain to the government that the guidelines are only appropriate for “goyim” — the fact that this was seen as a secular imposition immediately weakened its potency, rendering adherence to it entirely optional.

Moving forward, elected officials and candidates for office who want to win the support of ultra-Orthodox leaders ought to draw a line they refuse to cross: anything that involves having a different set of rules for one community, or which involves endangering the health and educational well-being of children, is off-limits. No amount of votes is worth compromising people’s lives.


It's mind boggling that Deblasio has been attacked as an "anti-semite" for suggesting that perhaps gathering in large groups in the street is not a good idea.

"There's another story behind that Land O'Lakes butter box"


“My dad’s artwork has been out there for so long, and there's so many people that just don’t even know about his beautiful artwork,” DesJarlait’s daughter Charmaine Branchaud said. “There’s a story behind that man. It’s a part of history. Now, we are making history again with Mia. She’s disappeared, but that doesn’t mean my dad’s artwork is going to disappear. She was just a little bitty part of it. He had a lot of accomplishments in his life.”

DesJarlait’s son, Robert DesJarlait, 73, said he was initially glad that the stereotypical image was finally removed. Then, the power of social media reminded him of another side of the discussion that was overlooked.

On his Facebook page, Robert said many Ojibwe people shared their perspective of Mia while growing up Native. “Basically, it was giving the previous generation a sense of almost empowerment to see a Native woman on a box of butter. It gave them a sense of cultural pride,” he said. “After seeing those posts, I said, ‘that’s right, that’s why my dad created this image to begin with’.”

The design, besides Mia, shows a lake with two points of land that Robert DesJarlait said represented Red Lake and an area on the reservation known as the Narrows, where lower and upper Red Lake meet. Another homage, one that is hard to see on the products, on Mia’s dress are Ojibwe floral design patterns.

"My Ojibwe father drew the Land O'Lakes maiden. She was never a stereotype."


Once again on the "hiding deaths" thing

A reminder that vital stats offices are distributed among local governments and that mortality has a regular pattern...


Covid-19 : Neurological and Psychological Effects....

Odd thing to be jealous about

While I realize we are not fortunate enough to have a leader who has gone missing, it is a strange thing to see Americans upset about this...

Relocating a bird nest?

I put off blocking off my dryer vent. Spring has come, and so have some new inhabitants.

I do not know, for sure, what, if anything is in the nest, but I do know that there is a new nest in the pipe.

Is it possible to push the nest out into a box or something, such that if the contents of the nest are safely moved into the box, then I can block off the pipe and the birds can carry on with their business?

DC Stages Live Re-Enactment Of Trump Inauguration

New Study Concerning Injection of Disinfectants Against Covid-19

Do you, personally, know someone who...

...is paying attention AND tries to argue that this is anything other than a profoundly defective human being, let alone anyone who should be given authority over a pet goldfish, let alone the presidency of the United States of America?

I’m going to have to check in on some folks I haven’t spoken with in a very long time to find out how anyone could possibly believe there is anything minimally approaching competence in this man at any level.
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