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Member since: Thu Jan 26, 2006, 11:20 PM
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Downton Abbey stars move on to other roles and projects:


Yes, it is really over.

Not sure which country, but it has to be on a beach.

But not too hot! I haven't seen enough of the world to know where that is. Plus, I would need to keep a place back here so I could spend time with my family.

Has anyone heard from pinboy3niner?

He hasn't posted since Feb. 18. I hope he is OK.

I do because I had to.

As the oldest, I always had to be "the responsible one." I got married young and had my children in my early 20s. Now I'm a grandma, but my kids still need me. My "childish" side comes out when I play with my grandchildren. I can escape into fun and fantasy with them. Being a grandma is the best job yet!

The series that will replace Downton Abbey on PBS:

If you're looking for the next "Downton Abbey," which wraps up its sixth and final season this winter, PBS has a suggestion.

Next year, the network will air in its Sunday night "Masterpiece" timeslot "Victoria," an eight-part drama about Britain's second-longest-ruling monarch.

Starring "Doctor Who" actress Jenna Coleman, the series will mark the screenwriting debut of best-selling novelist Daisy Goodwin. The show will follow the young queen from her coronation at age 18 in 1837 through her courtship and partnership with her husband Prince Albert.

“'Downton Abbey' has proved that millions of viewers will turn up year after year for a beautifully crafted period drama,” stated "Masterpiece" EP Rebecca Eaton. “'Victoria' has it all: a riveting script, brilliant cast, and spectacular locations. And it’s a true story! This is exactly the kind of programming 'Masterpiece' fans will love.”


Paul Ryan just spoke out about white supremacy.

But .... he still plans to support the party's nominee. Just viewed on MSNBC. He hopes he doesn't have to talk about this again!

Here is a link: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/mar/1/paul-ryan-demands-trump-denounce-racism/
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