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Member since: Thu Jan 26, 2006, 11:20 PM
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College freshman ...

and working part-time as a waitress. And hoping "my prince would come" to rescue me from my drudgery and toil.

If it is Danielson, the highest rating is "Distinguished."

Ours were rigged too. The young, cute principals' pets got "distinguished" and the old veterans were given "needs improvement"s. A few even got an "Unsatisfactory" and are now on an "improvement" plan. A couple of them retired. It is all a deliberate plan to get rid of higher-paid veterans so they can hire more malleable newbies.

And our state union (PSEA) just rolled over and let the governor (Corbutt) implement it without any opposition. It makes me sick.

"The Way You Look Tonight" -- One of my faves:

Anyone want to dance?

I didn't hear Liddy, but there were eye-witness reports of seeing an explosion in the sky.

There are also questions about the extent of the debris field, with articles from the plane found in a wide area. There were planes scrambled from an airport near Johnstown. Rumsfeld once let it slip that the plane was "shot down".

I live near the site and have read a lot about that day. There are sites you can click on to read more. Sorry I don't have a link at hand. Maybe someone from the "Speculation" group will weigh in.

Whenever someone brings up the possibility of its being shot down, the people who believe the official government version come out and attack the doubters. I doubt we will ever learn the TRUTH.

There is now a national park and memorial site at Shanksville dedicated to the victims and preserving the official version of events.

Congratulations, Scuba!

And thank you for the beautiful tribute to DU that should remind us why we are all here everyday.

Or New Yorkers are just plain smarter.

I can't believe how people here rush to sign those contracts without even reading them.

It is spreading its evil tentacles to more and more states.

They always mention losing jobs.... but they don't always hire local residents. They bring in lower-paid transients from out of state.

Fight them now before they destroy Illinois! And look at the awful degradation of beautiful ND.


I'm in the heart of fracker country in PA which just rolled over and let them do whatever they wanted. Disgusting.

Biggest donors to Corbett and Wolf campaigns listed:

Governor candidates Corbett, Wolf net at least $31M from donors

By The Associated Press
Sunday, Sept. 7, 2014, 10:15 p.m.

Donors to the campaigns of Republican Gov. Tom Corbett and his Democratic challenger, Tom Wolf, have given at least $31 million. The vast majority of those donations came from individuals, families, businesses and groups that gave $10,000 or more in cash, services or goods.


Below is a breakdown of the donors who reached the $10,000 mark, based on finance reports submitted to the state by the two campaigns. The figures are current through June 9, the latest data the campaigns were required to make available. The next campaign finance reports are due Sept. 23. The election is Nov. 4.


1. Republican Governors Association, $1.82 million

2. John M. Templeton Jr., president and CEO, Templeton Foundation, $420,000

3. Republican Party of Pennsylvania, $346,846

4. John S. Middleton, $300,000

5. H.F. “Gerry” Lenfest, owner, Interstate General Media (parent company of The Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News), $252,000

6. Pennsylvania Future Fund political action committee, $152,500

7. Albert Boscov, chairman and CEO, Boscov's Department Store LLC, $150,000

8. Joseph Neubauer, chairman, Aramark Holdings Corp., $126,600

9. David E. Barensfeld, president, Ellwood Group Inc., $102,000

10. Lance Shaner, CEO, Shaner Enterprises, $100,000


1. Tom Wolf, $10 million

2. M. Thomas Grumbacher, chairman, The Bon-Ton Stores, $1.15 million

3. American Federation of Teachers and affiliates, $610,000

4. Service Employees International Union, $500,000

5. Pennsylvania State Education Association, $500,000

6. Louis J. Appell Jr., chairman, Susquehanna Real Estate LP, $475,000

7. William Wolf, father, $450,000

8. Bill Zimmerman, cousin, $350,000

9. Democratic Governors Association, $261,000

10. George W. Hodges, chairman, York Water Co., $250,000


1. Saul Ewing LLP and its lawyers, $114,000 ($102,000 to Corbett; $12,000 to Wolf)

2. Ballard Spahr LLC and its lawyers, $81,000 ($51,000 to Corbett; $30,000 to Wolf)

3. Stradley Ronon Stevens and Young LLC and its lawyers, $79,000 ($64,000 to Corbett; $15,000 to Wolf)

4. Graham Co. executives, $70,000 ($42,000 to Wolf, $28,000 to Corbett)

Read more: http://triblive.com/politics/politicalheadlines/6753514-74/corbett-wolf-donors#ixzz3CjJw0sLX

There is a lot of teacher-bashing going on in this thread.

It is very dismaying that people are so ready to jump to the conclusion that the teacher is "lazy," inept, etc. I am disappointed to read so many accusatory posts. It is just too easy to "blame teachers" for every bad thing that happens in school!

I know the OP is very well-intentioned in concern for her grandchild, but I do not think the entire picture is being portrayed here. Possibly the child is just complaining to grandma about all the homework. Copying spelling words is standard practice, and three times is hardly excessive!

Like I said above, the parents need to contact the teacher for a conference if it is truly a problem. Complaining in an online discussion group does not accomplish much.

If they still have problems after a parent-teacher conference, they can go to the principal or request their child be moved to another class.
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