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Member since: Thu Jan 26, 2006, 11:20 PM
Number of posts: 28,254

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My dog is growling at Rod Stewart!

She thinks he is actually singing in the other room. She can hear him, but not see him. Silly little corgi.

Same here.

And now that I have a grandchild, I am overjoyed to peek into the future. Every sacrifice we made to raise two wonderful sons was well worth it. We have been richly blessed. It was the right decision for our family.

I'm glad that you have found fulfillment in your choices as well.

Same here.

Lived out here for almost 30 years and never had the need for a gun. We don't keep livestock, though. Had a sick raccoon hissing at us once, but the game warden came quickly and disposed of the poor creature.

We don't even think target shooting is fun. Gun shots frighten the dogs, and I put a curse on all the yahoos around here blasting at the cardboard deer in their yards. We can't go outside during the various critter, varmint, and other woodland hunting seasons. Why does anyone need to kill a gopher or squirrel for food? We feed the deer and love them. They are beautiful and reclusive. I could never shoot one or take a bite out of it.

It's the all commercialization that bothers me.

I remember Christmas as a time to enjoy family and good food when I was a kid. (Looking back, I realize that my mom worked her @ss off to make it that way for us. No one ever asked her if she enjoyed Christmas. I bet she hated it too.)

I started to dislike it when I "had to" begin Christmas shopping right after Halloween. Now, Thanksgiving is just pre-Black Friday. And have you noticed how they are starting to market Dec. 26 as a BIG shopping day? Enough, already!

Plus, I would really like to enjoy one Christmas without being frazzled and exhausted by the time it finally gets here.

I'm stopping now to count my blessings instead of complaining anymore.

Merry Christmas, swag!

Thank you, Plaid Adder.

Your idea is very wise and it can work. I was thinking... over the years, smoking has become socially unacceptable. Why not guns? I really think we can change attitudes even though it will take time and work.

One year to change politicians' pandering to the gun industry is not impossible though. It can be done and I hope it starts here tonight with your post.

Peace to you too and to like-minded democrats, femmocrat

Thank you for posting it, Suich.

I have been hoping to read it again. It really is a DU classic and it was great seeing the names of those former posters.

In fond memory of Redstone, femmocrat

I live in "gun country" and teach in a rural district.

Our school district puts on an "Eddie the Eagle" program for the children. There are teachers who sponsor and participate in it. One actually dressed up as the eagle.

We also have the Monday after Thanksgiving off because it is the first day of deer season. If that wasn't enough for them, there is an unusually large number of teachers who take off the Tuesday after as well.

I am sure there are many who actually support the insanity of arming teachers. They are the teachers who undoubtedly would be more than happy to hang out in a gun store.

It just makes me very sad. And tired, so tired . . .

I never want to hear anyone complain about teachers' unions for the rest of my life.

Or any public employees for that matter. I don't know for sure, but I'm assuming those first responders were union members.

Oh heck... I forget it's open most of the time.

But I know what you mean. I feel like if my door is open, anyone is welcome to walk in and that makes me keep a lid on my "comments" at times.

My prayer: "Oh Lord, please keep your arm around my shoulder and your hand over my mouth."

Same here. I can't stand to have the door closed.

And because the classrooms are stifling even in the winter, I also have the windows opened!

And... because I teach in 4 buildings and share those rooms with other itinerants, we don't even have keys for those rooms.

I think Barack_America's idea is a good one, actually. Except for not being able to get back in the room after a fire drill or whatever.

Another thing... we are not allowed to cover the glass in our doors for "security reasons".

Now that every potential mass murderer knows all the details of every school's security plans, we are probably doomed no matter what we do next.
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