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Member since: Thu Jan 26, 2006, 11:20 PM
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First democrat to announce candidacy for governor: John Hanger.

Former state DEP Secretary Hanger to run for governor

November 26, 2012 4:21 pm
By Laura Olson / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

HARRISBURG -- Former state Department of Environmental Protection secretary John Hanger said today that he will announce a bid for governor later this week.
Mr. Hanger's announcement -- with events planned in Philadelphia and Harrisburg on Wednesday and in Pittsburgh on Thursday -- will make him the first of an handful of Democrats who will challenge Republican Gov. Tom Corbett.


"I'm looking forward to the race and to discussing the critical issues," he said. "We're certainly getting going early."

Mr. Hanger, a Harrisburg attorney, served as DEP secretary under Democratic Gov. Ed Rendell and was a commissioner on the state Public Utility Commission for five years. He also was president of Citizens for Pennsylvania's Future, an environmental advocacy group.

In addition to Mr. Hanger, a number of other Democrats have been mentioned as potential candidates for the 2014 governor's race. Those include York businessman Tom Wolf, former U.S. Rep. Joe Sestak of Delaware County, Philadelphia businessman Tom Knox, and state Treasurer Rob McCord.

Link: http://www.post-gazette.com/stories/news/politics-state/former-state-dep-secretary-hanger-to-run-for-governor-663733/

Fellow "veteran" teacher here.....

I don't have that many years behind me though, because I found a full-time position when I was already in my 40s.

I am really tired of those whipper-snappers asking me if I'm going to retire. It's none of their damn business. I feel like hanging in there just to piss everyone off.

I feel totally unappreciated at work, no matter how hard I work. It's frustrating and I can totally understand what you are saying.

My grandfather was also a WWI veteran.

He died when I was 9. All I know about him is that he was gassed in the trenches. He came home from the war and raised 7 daughters and two sons. One of the sons was killed in WWII. They barely survived the Depression. I don't know if he was ever able to work after the war. I only remember him as being old and sickly.

We went to visit him in the VA hospital once. Those men went to hell and back. Bless them all.


Hello fellow pet lovers,

I just got a free hamster for my classroom. Couple of questions for experience hamster owners:

1. Could he be left in school over the weekend if he has enough food and water? I would bring him home for longer breaks.

2. What "toys" are safe for hamsters? I bought some stuff at the pet store, but saw willow balls and little twigs... Seems like a shame to buy stuff like that when I have trees in my yard. I know about paper towel tubes.

3. How often should I change the litter? Is a week OK? (Assuming it isn't stinky by then.)

Thank you for your replies. femmocrat

Well, I got hassled for an ID in Westmoreland County!

When asked, I replied, "I have an ID but I'm not required to show it."
She told me to take one of those handouts about the voter ID law. I refused.
The lady asked what my objection was.
I replied, "It's voter suppression. It prevents blacks and elderly who don't have IDs from voting." (But I should have said, "I'm not required to give a reason."
She got huffy and said, "Everyone has an opinion. You'll need it in the spring."
I replied, "I will show it when I am required to." She repeated, "You'll need it in the spring."

She gave me a nasty look. The other ladies waved me through to the machine.

This is a very tiny precinct (only three machines). I vote every damn election... haven't missed one in the 27 years I have lived here. They know me by name. Unbelievable. I felt like calling that number for voting problems -- but I came here to vent instead! LOL

I wonder if she was getting arguments all day. I voted after work; there were only three people ahead of me. I took my good old time filling out the ballot and double-checking everything though! Did anyone else encounter any problems?

You are not alone.

The memories of 2000 and 2004 still haunt me, I guess. I wouldn't put anything past romney. Those voting machines in OH and the long lines in FL both worry me.

I guess some of us are just worriers, while others are cool, calm and collected! LOL

I don't necessarily agree....

If left to my own devices I would while away the days sleeping and watching TV. I am afraid of that, I really am. I am not a highly motivated person and I am afraid of developing Alzheimer's (which runs in my family). I might get it anyhow, but brain activity might hold it off for awhile....? I don't know.

I currently work with children which is more "worthwhile" than becoming a giant slug. It keeps my brain active at least!

Yes! I used to read non-fiction exclusively.

I pooh-poohed fiction as brain-candy.

Then I just lost interest in non-fiction and got rid of a lot of my books. I have a big stack of books (fiction and non-) waiting for me and just can't get into reading right now. Maybe after the election and the holidays, I will find time to snuggle up with a good book.

This very question is driving me crazy.

I am contemplating retirement. For years I thought I couldn't wait to retire, but now I am facing all those days with nothing to do.

People say, do volunteer work.... but I haven't found anything that really interests me yet. I really like working and it makes me feel like I'm doing something worthwhile. I'm just getting too rickety to do the work anymore (elementary teacher) although I still try my darnedest! I haven't taken a sick day in over ten years (knock on wood)! But, oy, the pain!

I am waiting for a bolt of lightning or something to tell me what I should do.
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