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Member since: Thu Jan 26, 2006, 11:20 PM
Number of posts: 28,200

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I look like my mother, but I'm my father's daughter.

Which is strange, because we were never close. He was hard to get to know. I guess I am too... I keep to myself a lot and I'm not very out-going. My mom was very sociable and loved get-togethers, traveling, and playing cards and games. Me, not so much -- I'm more of a homebody.

The one thing I did get from my mom is that we both love to read. She always encouraged us to read and get a good education. My dad was a hard-working guy, not a reader, and only had a 10th grade education. He was so smart in other ways, though. I miss them both every day.

Thank you for the heart, dear "secret admirer"!

I am so touched that you thought of me. (I was surprised to get any hearts -- I just thought the first one was because of my star!)

This place always makes me so happy.

We have so many talented people here at DU.

WE should be running the country instead of spending all of our time here! LOL

I am always in awe of how funny some of the posters are. They are so quick-witted and really crack me up. I can write half-decent prose, but just don't have that "funny bone" in me.

Thanks for your post DocMac, and for the opportunity to add to it. Happy Valentine's Day!

Hey you! Thanks for the hearts!

You are too kind and too sweet! Muchly appreciated!!
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