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Member since: Thu Jan 26, 2006, 11:20 PM
Number of posts: 28,200

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I have been postponing retirement because of health care...

but now I am seriously considering going after the next school year.

I have been waiting for this for a long time!

Elvis. nt

Romney speaking right FUCKING now.

Bad manners... going before the President!

Says he will repeal it... going on and one about why "Obamacare" is bad for America.

Just. Go. Away.

Romney to make a statement at 11:45. Boehner NOT making a statement now.

Just reported on MSNBC.

Boehner has to pop a couple of happy pills first, I guess???

President Obama will make a statement at 12:15.

Just reported on MSNBC.

Recent LTTE by Rep. Critz, defending the frackers and the DEP:

Stick to fracking science, not the politics

By Mark S. Critz

Published: Saturday, June 23, 2012, 2:38 p.m.

At a recent U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee hearing, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson justified the agency’s “desire to do additional science around hydraulic fracturing ... because the public’s trust in that technology we believe is also based on the belief that we are looking to bring the very best science to bear, to ensure that it remains safe.” While no one would argue with the importance of ensuring safety in responsible shale-gas development, recent missteps and questionable actions by the EPA have regrettably cast doubt upon the agency’s credibility and ability to put forth the “best science” to ensure the public’s trust.

In addition to last month’s embarrassing resignation of the EPA’s Region 6 administrator for subjectively placing a bull’s-eye on the oil and gas industry, the EPA also has shown an anti-gas bias in Pennsylvania with its attempts to torpedo the proposed MARC 1 Pipeline after the project gained approval from the federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

As a result, there is mounting concern that EPA officials are committed to political agendas instead of looking out for the overall best interests of the public.


*With the huge strides made by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) over the last few generations, there are clear indications that Pennsylvania’s hydraulic fracturing regulations are working. And while the EPA has an important role as partners with the state, the agency should avoid stepping into an area that the DEP has a long history of overseeing.

More at link: http://triblive.com/opinion/2055478-74/epa-fracturing-hydraulic-public-science-agency-gas-pennsylvania-based-concern?printerfriendly=true

* I added the BOLD. This POS has the gall to defend the PA DEP while everyone "knows" that Gov. Gashole exempted the drillers from environmental regulations.

Some pundits are saying tomorrow or Thursday.

Or Tuesday or Wednesday... LOL

JMO, but if they keep the ACA except the mandate, the media will portray it as a stunning defeat for Obama. If that happens, I would encourage the President to go back to the drawing board and find another way to fund it. The other provisions are very popular with the public.

My hope (of course) is that it will not be struck down in part or at all. Nancy Pelosi predicted 6-3 in favor. Hoping she is correct.

I'm so sorry about your friend. What a terrible accident.

I lost my sister 8 months ago. Everything reminds me of her. She loved animals the most. She had two dogs, two cats, and an aquarium. All were taken in by people she worked with. God bless those kind folks.

She loved holidays... we celebrated them for her. Right now we would be planning a July 4th get-together. I've lost all interest in the holidays since she is gone.
I think of her all the time and just can't get over missing her.

Thanks for the opportunity to talk about her a little. She was also a wonderful musician.

Sandusky Guilty on 45 of 48 counts.

He will never see the light of day again in his lifetime. He was taken directly to jail. Amendola said he wasn't a flight risk, but that didn't fly. He is in the police cruiser as I am typing this. On his way to Centre Co. jail.

Formal sentencing in about 90 days.

NBC is reporting that he faces a min. of 60 yrs. in jail.

Sandusky's attorney, Amendola complaining that he didn't have enough time to prepare the defense and plans to appeal. Praised the judge for his fairness.
Saying that Sandusky didn't testify because the prosecution would have used his son Matt as rebuttal witness. Crowd is heckling Amendola for implying that Sandusky could still be innocent (?). Appeal would be based on continuance order, inability to call witnesses, and rush to trial. Crowd is cheering that Sandusky received in effect a life sentence.

PA Atty General Linda Kelly addressing the crowd now. (10:48 p.m.) Cheering from crowd for her team and for the brave victims. She gave a long speech and took a couple of questions but didn't give very detailed answers. Someone was heckling her during her speech. It could have been about why it took so long to prosecute, because she said that was a subject "for another day". She said the other trial(s) haven't been scheduled yet and then walked back into the courthouse.

Pittsburgh local news reports that none of the jurors will be addressing the media (at least tonight).

Corbett restores some budget cuts.

Corbett agrees to restore budget
June 21, 2012 12:00 am
By Karen Langley and Laura Olson / Post-Gazette Harrisburg Bureau

HARRISBURG -- Gov. Tom Corbett and Republican legislative leaders announced on Wednesday they had agreed on the framework of a $27.66 billion state budget, but they declined to say how adopting the higher spending level proposed by the Senate would affect funding in areas like education and welfare.

When the Senate took up the $27.14 billion budget proposed by Mr. Corbett, a Republican, it restored $245 million in cuts to higher education and halved reductions to human services, including programs for mental health and child welfare. In the announcement on Wednesday evening, Mr. Corbett acknowledged the deal added to his February proposal but declined to discuss particular spending levels until House and Senate leaders meet with their members. Some details remain under negotiation, he said.

"That is a higher number than I came in," Mr. Corbett said. "We can put money back into some programs, we're just not going to go into the details."

The weeks of negotiation preceding the announcement have involved policy proposals as well as the budget. But Mr. Corbett and the Republican leaders would not discuss which of the topics -- save a tax credit intended to draw a Shell Oil Co. ethane-processing plant to Beaver County -- they hope to approve next week. Mr. Corbett said he believed an agreement had been reached on the tax credit proposal.

More at link: http://www.post-gazette.com/stories/local/state/corbett-agrees-to-restore-budget-641300/?print=1

From femmocrat: The deadline to pass the budget is July 1. The article goes on to say that the House isn't adding any new spending, so it looks like pretty much done deal. IMO, these negotiations were incumbent on the legislature swallowing that huge tax deal for Royal Dutch Shell. Wanna bet?
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