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Member since: Thu Jan 26, 2006, 11:20 PM
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Spoiler alert.....

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An Emmy for Best Variety Show!

Request of Pittsburgh-area DUers:

Cross-posted from the Lounge -- Help needed with parking availability downtown.


I am a teacher, too, but I don't quite understand why you have to buy food for students.

Are you supplying snacks or meals? Is this a public school?

All schools have free and reduced-lunch programs. I assume most have breakfast programs now, as well. Why aren't the parents taking advantage of these programs? They are completely confidential. Not even the lunch ladies know who is on free-or-reduced lunch. Only the administration knows in our district.

Children on free-or-reduced lunch receive the exact same lunch as those who buy. With the new nutrition guidelines, the menu has improved quite a bit.

Our athletes also receive a bagged meal after school!

Now it is OK in PA to hire your unqualified brother to be a school superintendent.

The New Kensington-Arnold School Board on Thursday will decide whether to hire former state Rep. John Pallone as the district’s new superintendent.

Hiring Pallone, 52, of New Kensington is the main item on the agenda for Thursday’s special meeting. No one has disclosed the identities of two other finalists, both reportedly career educators.


Gov. Tom Corbett on June 30 signed into law an amendment to the state’s school code that qualifies those with a law degree or graduate degree in management to lead school districts. A year ago, the state expanded the eligibility requirements to include non-educators who hold graduate degrees in business or finance. (emphasis added)

To critics who object to his lack of a traditional education background, Pallone noted the district already has a staff of qualified educators and administrators.

Read more: http://triblive.com/news/westmoreland/2521501-74/pallone-district-board-superintendent-salary-john-background-education-kensington-arnold?printerfriendly=true#ixzz25H37xJy9

From femmocrat: Pallone is the brother of a school board member. He is an attorney, not a certified superintendent. I did not know about Corbett's latest assault on public education. Anyone with a law degree or MBA is apparently qualified to become a superintendent now. Forget those with doctorates in education who have also had to earn their superintendent's papers. Disclaimer: I am not from New Ken but I am just appalled at their nepotism and attempt to hire an unqualified superintendent on the cheap. Corbett needs to GO! And take the lapdog legislature with him!!!

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