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Member since: Thu Jan 26, 2006, 11:20 PM
Number of posts: 28,200

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Too many. I hope I never have to move again.

The thought of packing up all this junk overwhelms me.

I didn't used to have so much stuff when I moved around!

Punxsutawney (PA) Phil actually predicted an early spring. He lied.


It has been one of the crappiest winters I remember in a long time. We didn't have any huge blizzards, but it snows (or rains or both) every damn day. It's just dragging on and on and on..... Not even a January thaw this year.

They do still exist but are stretched to their limits.

I am a public school art teacher and teach at four buildings! I travel between two or three buildings a day! The kids get gym twice a week (two traveling teachers) but very little music. The high school music teacher comes for part of the day and sees combined classes (50-60 students at a time).

Ooops! I just noticed you said "high school"! I teach elementary, sorry. Our high school offers art as an elective. Phys Ed is required for graduation. Sports are a big deal here.

A day without DU is like a day without information!

I depend on DU for LBN and the Lounge for my friendly encounters with other earthlings!

Java, again. Thank you in advance!

What is the latest current Java update? I recently installed Java 7 update 13 and I'm getting notices to update again.

Is update 13 now vulnerable? Should I update again... and what number update is this?

I know... I don't really need Java, but I do use it for one site. I disable it after visiting that site. Thank you!


I'm trying to hang on for one more year so I can retire with paid health care, but I'm terrified of retirement. I teach art, grades 1-5. (No, it isn't "fun"; it is hard work.)

Great topic!

That's a lovely image.

Mine are frolicking on a hill. And when I call them, they all come running down the hill, so happy to see me again.

A beach house. Something like this one:

How cool!

One of the art courses is offered by Penn State!

Checking in.

Former "hippie chick" (no offense taken) and recent grandma of a Hippie Chick in Training.
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