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Member since: Thu Jan 26, 2006, 11:20 PM
Number of posts: 28,200

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Solid liberal.

Only 14% of the public agrees with us, though. Not very encouraging.

Who They Are:

Highly politically engaged
75% are Democrats
Concentrated in the Northeast and West
57% are female
Best educated of the groups: 49% hold at least a bachelor's degree and 27% have post-graduate experience
A third regularly listen to NPR, about two-in-ten regularly watch The Daily Show and read The New York Times
59% have a passport
42% regularly buy organic foods
21% are first or second generation Americans

Too young for Medicare; too old for men to care.

(Old joke!) That is what I always say when some nosy whippersnapper asks my age.

Thank you for your post.

I live in SW PA (not too far from Somerset) and completely believe your account. At the time, I read everything I could find about Flight 93. Unfortunately, the truth will always be overshadowed by the myth surrounding the "official" accounts of heroics on board. The phrase "Let's Roll" makes me want to puke.

Studied harder and partied less in college.

Or maybe that was partied harder and studied less?

I made up for it in grad school though. I wish I had stuck with the doctoral program, but I was so damn sick of grad school by then and just wanted to have a life.

Too many. I hope I never have to move again.

The thought of packing up all this junk overwhelms me.

I didn't used to have so much stuff when I moved around!
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