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Member since: Thu Jan 26, 2006, 11:20 PM
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My dad served in the Pacific.

I don't know much about it though, because he would never talk about it.

He and his five brothers were all in the service at the same time. One was at D-day (which I learned reading his obituary.)

My mom was one of seven girls and most of her sisters were married to WW II vets. One lost her fiance in the war and never married. The youngest one married a Korean War vet. Her brother was killed in the war and is buried in the Philippines.

Our family has a long tradition of military service. My grandfather served in WW I and was gassed in the trenches in France.

Thanks again.

Seeing is believing. They just tune me out. Maybe they can see for themselves what a difference art makes.


Do you have a link for that? I am an elementary art teacher and complain bitterly about not having enough time for art class.
I would love to send that to each of my principals!

Thank you!

Ed is on and talking about teachers!

The focus is on Education and how the repuke governors are trying to destroy public education. He is exposing the Bradley Foundation and others who are behind vouchers and charters. John Nichols is expounding on the link to politics.

Damn fine show tonight!

That is a very good point.

I have been a teacher for many years. One of my principals (about my age) recently remarked that all this emphasis on
"bullying" has led to a lot of frivolous claims. I am not minimizing the torment of the girl in the OP, of course!

Of course, we didn't have cyber-bullying years ago. I can't even imagine what that is like. We had playground ruffians and junior high "cliques". We didn't have term for it, and learned coping skills to deal with it.

We have an anti-bullying policy and must post it prominently in our classroom. I don't think it has made any difference in kids' behaviors and is more for the district to cover its behind if anyone threatens to sue them. I believe that teaching about bullying begins in the home with pre-schoolers.

I have three corgis.

They don't have to get chubby! They do love to eat though and are shameless beggers. If you limit snacks, stick to a low-protein food and give them some daily exercise, they will maintain their weight at around 30 lbs. Our three-year-old is so hyperactive that she is actually a little "skinny" for a corgi.

I love the way they run... even the older ones still run like little tanks. Such a cute puppy! Thanks! They are really the absolute perfect breed and completely adaptable for just about any living arrangements.

Peduto wins Pittsburgh mayor's race.

53% to 39% for Jack Wagner.

I'm surprised that it was such a big margin! Congratulations to Bill Peduto!


I can sympathize,but the rural areas are not necessarily safer.

We are surrounded by rednecks with guns. We hear ka-BOOM, ka-POW from dawn to dusk. It doesn't matter if or what varmint season it is. They shoot at groundhogs, squirrels, styrofoam deer, birds, paper targets on bales of hay and road signs.

My husband wears a fluorescent orange hat and vest just to walk the dog on our rural road. One of our dogs won't go outside to relieve herself. We have lived here a long time and it has gotten much worse over the years.

In addition, we live about a mile from a gun club so we hear pop-pop-pop when they are having their ham shoots or whatever the hell they do down there.

This does not minimize your situation which is far deadlier, BainsBane. I am just venting. I hate guns and the gun culture.

I hope you stay safe.

(Oh, we do not have police here. We have to call the State Police who are not nearby.)

That there is an awkwardness between father and son.

The father doesn't know what advice to give the young man. Maybe he has served and remembers the horrors and wishes his son wasn't going there. The father is sad, the son is nervous and anxious to get going. Mom is absent, but represented by the bag lunch. It was too painful for her to say goodbye. The dog is the only one reaching out and showing any connection. She has her paw on his knee and is asking him to stay with her.

It is about the passage of time and leaving behind the old life and embarking on a new one.

I recently sent one. It was expensive!

I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed yours because I don't know how they liked the one I sent. I sent it to the physical therapy department that got me up and moving after my accident. They really went out of their way to help me, even coming in before and after hours. I thought they would enjoy it--- who doesn't love chocolate dipped fruit? LOL
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