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Member since: Thu Jan 26, 2006, 11:20 PM
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I hope Gen. Clark is in the first segment and not on the panel.

I would really like to hear what he has to say. Does he have out a new book?

I <3 him.

I saw most of the ones from the 1950s and early 1960s.

We had a neighborhood movie theater that used to show them, sometimes a double feature. It cost 50 cents to get in! The movies would run Thursday, Friday and Saturday, then change for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

When we were around junior high age, we often went on Friday nights and Sunday afternoons. I remember just about all of the silly monster B-movies and Vincent Price flicks.

Good old days! LOL

I have mixed feelings about this....

I know that this shelter is better than what they have now, but I do not think dogs should ever be chained to a doghouse. I support anti-tethering laws instead.*

But the reality is that some people should never own a dog. It just breaks my heart to see dogs chained outside like that. Having this shelter could make it seem OK to leave dogs out 24/7 when it is not acceptable.

*For more information: http://www.unchainpadogs.com This law was recently defeated in the PA legislature as part of a larger anti-animal cruelty law that was opposed by the NRA.

OS X Yosemite?

Should I upgrade to it? I have a new Macbook Pro.

Thank you in advance for the advice.

That part of the show was pretty good, but the rest of it sucked.

Did anyone see his awful interview with Tom Wolf? He barely let Wolf answer the two questions he asked him and then went into a long tirade about Penn State mishandling the Sandusky scandal. I didn't even understand WTH he was sputtering about. He concluded with "JoePa will be back." Duh...... Joe Paterno is dead.

Tom Wolf is probably doing this right now:

Oh, on the part you referenced.... the one saying "lazy blacks" was from a Daily Show skit with Aasif Mandvi. The crew-cut guy who said "voter ID will get Romney elected" was Mike Turzai, a state rep. in PA.

Are there any western Pennsylvanians here who are dropping Highmark?

We are new to Medicare and chose Highmark for our supplemental. The price went up by 25% so we are looking at UPMC, which is cheaper and seems to have comparable benefits (some are even less). Since we are on Medicare, we can go to either system's hospitals.

If you have UPMC, is there anything about it you don't like... like having treatments refused, poor customer service, etc.?

Thanks so much for your input.

On edit: Here is a link to a recent article that explains the problems: http://triblive.com/business/headlines/6899887-74/medicare-plan-blue#axzz3GKYurUb8

The Senate isn't a lock for republicans.

Several democrats are making gains in recent weeks. It is very close though.

It is happening because off-year elections have low turnouts and the voters tend to tune out the mid-terms. Republicans traditionally turn out better because they are more motivated, I guess. Koch money funds republican campaigns and ads. And the republicans have gerrymandered the House congressional districts so they will maintain their majority. They have also tried to suppress minority voters through voter ID laws in some states.

People want their SS, Medicare and health care... they just don't want other people (like the poor) to have it.

I think a lot of your frustration comes from media coverage.

Am I correct?

I don't think America as a whole is "stupid", but certainly a large percentage of the population does not take time to become well-informed. Just watching cable news is insufficient and those who get a steady diet of faux news are the most poorly informed.

I appreciate your idea to "wage a campaign of education and compassion and WAGE A CAMPAIGN OF HEALING!! " I often wonder why there is always money for the military but other institutions are chronically under-funded. Doesn't seem to matter who is in office, that never seems to change.

Most of them!

We lived in a neighborhood with lots of kids. We played outside from morning till night. I remember those neighborhood kids best, but I also remember the kids from elementary school, since most of us were together for 13 years of schooling. I came from a town where families stayed put and did not move around.

I still dream about my childhood best friend, even though we grew apart in high school and have not been in touch in many years.

Did anyone watch "Stalker"?

What did you think?

It was better than I expected and kept my interest. I put it on my DVR list so I can remember that it's on next week.
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