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Member since: Thu Jan 26, 2006, 11:20 PM
Number of posts: 28,255

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Today's Google Doodle: (very cute)

Lucy Maud Montgomery's 141st birthday. She wrote Anne of Green Gables.


David Canary ("All My Children," "Bonanza") has died.


He played Adam and Stuart Chandler on AMC for 26 years.


We have ADT. Most annoying set-up ever.

My husband wanted it. I hate it. It used to go off in the middle of the night with a horrible heart attack-inducing screech. One of the corgis' barking would set it off.

Sometimes it would go off from humidity in the basement. Or because of a spider web in the something-or-other.

I refuse to acknowledge that it is still here. He has all the dealings with it/them now.

Good for you for figuring out the damn thing!

I have predicted jeb all along.... and Kasich for his VP.

Of course I'm usually wrong.

I'm just posting this for my journal and future reference.

How can a post just disappear?

Not deleted by author. Not hidden. Just gone?

Not sure I have seen that happen before. Thanks in advance for replies.

From another daughter of a WW II vet:

My dad served in the Pacific. My FIL served in Germany. All of my uncles (10 of them) also served in WW II or Korea. My grandfather was in WW I, in France. They have all passed away.

Joe Pitts (R- PA 16) is retiring from Congress.

Rep. Pitts Will Not Seek Re-Election

Nov 6, 2015
WASHINGTON—Today, Congressman Joseph R. Pitts (R-PA) announced that he will not seek re-election to the U.S. Congress in 2016.

A leading defender of human rights, Rep. Pitts has represented the Sixteenth Congressional District of Pennsylvania since 1997. He served on the Budget Committee from 1997-2000, when the federal budget was balanced for the first time since 1969. A former Electronic Warfare Officer in the Air Force, Pitts founded the bipartisan Congressional Electronic Warfare Working Group. At the request of Speaker Gingrich, Pitts founded and chaired the Values Action Team for 18 years of his service in Congress.

More at link: http://pitts.house.gov/press-release/rep-pitts-will-not-seek-re-election

Is there any chance the democrats can win this seat? PA-16 is in SE PA and includes Lancaster and Reading.

Today's Google Doodle for Saxophone Day: (One of 5)


Philadelphia area DUers -- Question about Montgomery Co.?

And voters in Montgomery County voters will elect a new district attorney.

The battle is between former D.A. Bruce Castor, a Republican, and current Deputy D.A. Kevin Steele who switched parties to become Democratic nominee.


My question--- Will this affect the Kathleen Kane investigation? Wasn't the MontCo DA the one who brought charges against her for leaking grand jury testimony to a Phila. newspaper?

What's on the ballot: General election tomorrow!


Ballotpedia videos, "Ballotpedia's Fast Facts: Pennsylvania Supreme Court elections," October 29, 2015

See also: Judicial candidates, 2015
General elections for three seats on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and a number of seats on varying levels of intermediate appellate and local courts across the state.

Municipal government
See also: United States municipal elections, 2015
Philadelphia - General elections for mayor and city council.
Pittsburgh - General elections for city council.

School boards
See also: Pennsylvania school board elections, 2015
Eighteen Pennsylvania school districts among America's largest school districts by enrollment will hold elections for 91 seats.

State legislatures
See also: Pennsylvania state legislative special elections, 2015
Special election for District 37 of the Pennsylvania State Senate.

For more detailed information, click on this link: (embedded links didn't copy)

Also, everything you want to know about the judges: http://ballotpedia.org/Pennsylvania_Supreme_Court_elections,_2015
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