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Member since: Thu Jan 26, 2006, 11:20 PM
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Today's Google Doodle honors mathematician/juggler Claude Shannon:

He transformed digital computing and electronic communication

Claude Shannon, nicknamed “the father of information theory” for his work on digital computing and electronic communication, was also a juggling unicyclist who would have turned 100 on Saturday.

To mark his birthday and his achievements, Saturday’s Google Doodle honored Shannon, depicting him juggling a set of ones and zeroes, the numbers he used to transform computing after learning they could be used to represent words, pictures, videos and more. While he was a research assistant at MIT, Shannon drew from Boolean algebra to pioneer digital computing, using the value of “1” for circuits turned on, and the value of “0” for circuits that were off. Before Shannon moved to MIT, he also became known for a different talent: juggling while riding a unicycle around Bell Labs.

Outside of his research lab, Shannon also had a knack for inventions, some of which—including his flame-throwing trumpets and rocket-powered Frisbees—had little practical function. He died in 2001 at the age of 84 after suffering from dementia.

Read More: Claude Shannon: The Juggling Unicyclist Who Pedaled Us Into the Digital Age

About the Doodle: https://www.google.com/doodles/claude-shannons-100th-birthday

Michelle Obama and Jill Biden will appear on The Voice, May 2.

LOS ANGELES, April 29 (UPI) -- Michelle Obama and Jill Biden will appear on The Voice next week.

The NBC reality competition confirmed that Obama and Biden will appear on the Monday, May 2 episode to celebrate the fifth anniversary of their Joining Forces initiative.

"Breaking news: @FLOTUS & @DrBiden are visiting #TheVoice to celebrate the #JoiningForces anniversary on Monday," The Voice official Twitter wrote Thursday.

Obama and Biden co-founded and launched the Joining Forces program in 2011. The initiative aims to provide wellness, education and employment opportunities for service members, veterans and their families.

News outlets reported that the episode will see the Top 10 contestants perform for Obama, Biden and an audience filled with active military, veterans and their families. It will air at 8 p.m. ET.


Huge gas line explosion in Westmoreland County this morning:

Near Delmont (where I used to live!):



I just saw the first negative ad against McGinty.

It was paid for by Toomey's pals, the Club for Growth. It showed Katie going through a revolving door symbolizing lobbying and government and claimed she kept money from somewhere.

Here we go.

Today's Google Doodle: Hertha Marks Ayrton's 162nd birthday

British engineer and inventor Hertha Marks Ayrton is honoured with today's Google Doodle , 162 years after her birth.

Born Phoebe Sarah Marks in Portsea, Hampshire, on April 28, 1854, she was the oldest of three children of a Polish watchmaker and a British seamstress.

Marks was a celebrated engineer, physicist and inventor who was awarded the Hughes Medal in 1906 by the Royal Society for her work on electric arcs and ripples in sand and water.

'When a wave washes over sand, ripples will appear.'

This simple observation was a scientific mystery until Marks read "The Origin and Growth of Ripple Marks" to the Royal Society in 1904.

She was first woman to do so.
More at link: http://www.mirror.co.uk/tech/hertha-marks-ayrton-british-engineer-7850131

A Windfall for Chobani Employees: Stakes in the Company

NEW BERLIN, N.Y. — The 2,000 full-time employees of the yogurt company Chobani were handed quite the surprise on Tuesday: an ownership stake that could make some of them millionaires.

Hamdi Ulukaya, the Turkish immigrant who founded Chobani in 2005, told workers at the company’s plant here in upstate New York that he would be giving them shares worth up to 10 percent of the company when it goes public or is sold. The goal, he said, is to pass along the wealth they have helped build in the decade since the company started. Chobani is now widely considered to be worth several billion dollars.

“I’ve built something I never thought would be such a success, but I cannot think of Chobani being built without all these people,” Mr. Ulukaya said in an interview in his Manhattan office that was granted on the condition that no details of the program would be disclosed before the announcement.

“Now they’ll be working to build the company even more and building their future at the same time,” he said.

More at link: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/04/27/business/a-windfall-for-chobani-employees-stakes-in-the-company.html?_r=0

Yes, I do.

But it has been so long that I have to concentrate to remember her. I am more content now, but I miss the great expectations of being young.

Thanks for the link.

I saw Bob Mayo there, but couldn't remember his name. LOL

Hillary was in Westmoreland County today!

A crowd of students, Democratic activists, union members, retirees and even a few Republicans jammed into the gymnasium at Westmoreland County Community College near Youngwood Monday afternoon to see Hillary Clinton as she traveled across Pennsylvania in the home stretch to Tuesday's primary.

Clinton, who won the county vote in the 2008 primary against Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination, is squaring off against Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders for 210 delegates in the state's closed primary.

She started speaking at 3:25 p.m. in her only campaign visit to Westmoreland.

More photos at link: http://triblive.com/news/adminpage/10365177-74/clinton-primary-think

Yes, I went! It was great fun!

She didn't show up until about 2:45. All of the Pittsburgh media were there, so it should be covered on the local news. The Trib already has an article! Wow!

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