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Member since: Thu Jan 26, 2006, 11:20 PM
Number of posts: 28,200

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In case you missed it, drumpf claimed wind energy was killing California eagles yesterday.

Larry Wilmore made a funny about it, wondering it that is what happened to Glenn Frey!

http://www.cc.com/video-clips/s7m5hu/the-nightly-show-with-larry-wilmore-blacklash-2016--the-unblackening---donald-trump-becomes-the-gop-nominee (The joke is at 3:22.)

Drumpf personally saved that eagle from those California wind farms.

He is just too modest to tell us all about it.

Very cute Google Doodle today! Frankie Manning and the Lindy Hop:

Today’s Google Doodle celebrates swing dancer Frankie Manning on what would have been his 102nd birthday.

Know as the Ambassador of the Lindy Hop, Manning took swing dancing to new levels by introducing a style of swing dance that involved spinning, flipping and tossing your dance partner in the air.

Today’s doodle by Nate Swinehart celebrates Frankie Manning’s acrobatic, powerful style, in which his partners were flipped and spun to the emphatic horns of Count Basie, Duke Ellington, and others.
Google Doodle Blog
Born in Harlem, Manning brought his style of swing dance to a number of 1940s films, including “Hellzapoppin” and “Hot Chocolate” (also known as “Cottontail”) with Duke Ellington. In 1989, he won a Tony Award for his choreography in the Broadway play “Black and Blue.”

More at link: http://searchengineland.com/frankie-manning-google-doodle-honors-man-behind-lindy-hop-swing-dance-move-250548

Just found on Twitter: KY vote shifted by just 13 votes.

From Harry Enten:

Least shocking result ever: the recanvass in Kentucky shows the vote shifted by just 13 votes. Clinton still wins.Harry Enten added,
Thomas F. Loftus @TomLoftus_CJ
Grimes said recanvass in Dem Presidential primary resulted in Clinton defeating Sanders by 1,911 votes.

Update: This was the most current news article I could find: http://www.politico.com/blogs/2016-dem-primary-live-updates-and-results/2016/05/kentucky-recanvass-hillary-clinton-wins-223616

Rachel is showing how the State Dept.'s "print and file" system for preserving emails would work.

It would involve warehouses full of boxes of paper -- that's right, paper-- print-outs. Rachel called it "alarming". It is the only approved method for saving data.

My son came back home for awhile when he went to grad school.

I loved having another responsible adult here. Made life a lot easier for us. I wouldn't mind if he moved back again!

I used to never miss "Book Notes" with Brian Lamb.

I still watch Book TV occasionally, depending on who is talking. I agree, it is superior to all of the "news/talk" channels on cable.

My class has a Facebook page.

I did some peeking at people I knew back when. Good grief.... they are a bunch of rabid trump supporters now!

One fellow (we used to be friends) has a fake identity just for the purpose of spouting his crazy right wing views and others "like" him!!!

How about Martin O'Malley?

I don't think he is busy at the moment. Everyone seemed to like him!

Today's Google Doodle: Yuri Kochiyama's birthday.

It’s with great pleasure that Google celebrates Yuri Kochiyama, an Asian American activist who dedicated her life to the fight for human rights and against racism and injustice. Born in California, Kochiyama spent her early twenties in a Japanese American internment camp in Arkansas during WWII. She and her family would later move to Harlem, where she became deeply involved in African American, Latino, and Asian American liberation and empowerment movements. Today's doodle by Alyssa Winans features Kochiyama taking a stand at one of her many protests and rallies.

Kochiyama left a legacy of advocacy: for peace, U.S. political prisoners, nuclear disarmament, and reparations for Japanese Americans interned during the war. She was known for her tireless intensity and compassion, and remained committed to speaking out, consciousness-raising, and taking action until her death in 2014.

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