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Member since: Thu Jan 26, 2006, 11:20 PM
Number of posts: 28,200

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Protestors form a human chain around US Embassy in Ottawa:


On NOW: C-span covering the rally on the steps of the Supreme Court:

Pelosi just introduced Schumer. Can't tell how big the crowd is. Holding up candles.

Other speakers: Nadler, Cardin, Velasquez.... Looks like lots of democratic members of Congress.

Booker speaking up now. Warren is next.

C-span has cut away but they said it is available on line. On MSNBC, Greta and Karen Tumulty are talking over it.

Senator Casey voted against Tillerson.


Thank you, Senator Casey! He has been an outstanding democrat these past couple of weeks.

Governor Wolf went to Philadelphia Airport:



Thank you to Governor Wolf and other democratic officials!

Senator Casey is at Philadephia Airport:

Senator Bob Casey is at Philadelphia Airport in a tuxedo!


Thank you Senator Casey!

Senator Bob Casey (PA) is at Philadelphia Airport:


Thank you Senator Casey!

Cities that are holding anti-ban rallies:


Senator Warren at Logan Airport:


About 1000 marchers show up for Pittsburgh rally against Muslim ban.


Pretty good on short notice, IMO!

Today's Google Doodle: Chinese Lunar New Year

About the Doodle: http://time.com/4651347/googles-doodle-rooster-chinese-lunar-new-year/

Gong hei fat choy is the Cantonese way of saying the phrase and in Mandarin Chinese, it's gong xi fa cai (pronounced gong she fa tsai).
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