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Member since: Thu Jan 26, 2006, 11:20 PM
Number of posts: 28,200

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Senate turns down Flynn's request for immunity.

Live now on MSNBC.

State Sen. Wagner blames climate change on "warm bodies."


It won't give me permission to copy, but Wagner is so uninformed, it's sad. He is running for governor against Wolf.

I just saw Susan Collins on MSNBC.

She said that today's witnesses were to "lay the background" for the senators to help them formulate probing questions for later witnesses. She did mention Roger Stone and some others who would be called. She also said there is no artificial deadline and the committee would go where the evidence takes them.

We'll see, I guess! If nothing else, the two chairmen seem to take their responsibility very seriously and have committed to working together. Collins said that because it's a smaller body, the senators forge better working relationships (than in the House).

I can't explain it because I think it's foolish!

I agree with you. Gorsuch is terrible. Dems should do all they can to block him. There may not BE another nomination, so why wait? If they can block Gorsuch, maybe drumpf will learn a lesson and the next nominee will be a true moderate. (Well, maybe!)

Wasn't it Schumer who said if the nominee is bad, you don't change the rule, you change the nominee (paraphrasing)? I like that they dems are being feisty and pulling together on this dreadful nomination.

Sen. Casey's next town hall: April 2 in Scranton


Sunday at 2:30 PM - 4 PM
5 days from now 3755 Partly Cloudy

Lackawanna College
501 Vine St, Scranton, Pennsylvania 18509

Early voting begins TODAY for special congressional election!



Everything you need to know to participate: https://electjon.com/early

Early voting begins TODAY for special election in Georgia!



All about how and where to vote: https://electjon.com/early

Check out these cool Science March superhero tees!


Love the designs! (I'm just admiring the artwork, not selling them!)

Tonight is Earth Hour!

This is the 10th anniversary of Earth Hour. Turn off your lights at 8:30 pm (wherever you are) for one hour to conserve energy and focus on climate change. More at link:


Today is National Puppy Day!


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