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Member since: Thu Jan 26, 2006, 11:20 PM
Number of posts: 28,200

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If only these scandals had come out a year ago.

We could have been spared the past 6 months of him and his toxic family and associates.

A lot of this stuff was in print a year ago.... I remember reading about Manafort, Bannon, money-laundering, Atlantic city mafia ties, the Kushners, etc. last summer. But you know... Hillary's emails dominated the news coverage.

Everyone who could have prevented this ---the GOP, the press, the electoral college--- all of them are complicit, IMO.

Wow, he's really having a bad year. nt

That was a fantastic program and a great public service.

Making people aware of the need for kidney donors is so important. Exposing the monsters who would profit from peoples' misery and poor health deserves an award.

I hope this show reaches a wide audience.

BTW, Thank you President Nixon! I never knew that thanks to him, the federal govt. pays for life-sustaining dialysis treatments.

Today's Google Doodle: Happy Mother's Day!

About the Doodle: http://www.ndtv.com/offbeat/happy-mothers-day-2017-google-wishes-all-the-super-mums-with-a-special-doodle-1693237

I just went to two May Markets and bought a variety of heirlooms.

I never had luck with Black Krim, so I skipped it this year.

I've had good luck with both AK Traveler and Hillbilly. Not so much with Mr. Stripey, though.

I can't remember what all I bought, but here are a few:

Mountain Merit
Carolina Gold (one of my faves!)
San Marzano
Polish Heirloom
I still need to find some Cherokee Purples.

My husband went bonkers with the hot peppers this year, so I have maybe 18 of those. I still need red bell peppers. I have a LOT of herbs because many are perennial.

This is THE WEEK to plant! Happy gardening!

Does anyone know where I can see a sample ballot for Tuesday's election?

I have searched around on the internet, but I'm unsuccessful so far. Thank you in advance!

These network shows are cancelled (from Twitter):


I feel bad about American Crime -- I thought it was brilliant. I also loved Timeless, but it suffered from a bad time slot. It was a really appealing and educational show and should have been on when families could view it. I learned about Katherine Johnson on Timeless, before Hidden Figures came out!

Coats is putting me to sleep.

His voice could be used on an anti-insomnia tape.

SPLC's map of hate groups across the US:


I think this was posted a long time ago.... good to take another look though. Sorry, it won't let me post the entire map but you can narrow it down with the search feature.

Toomey's timid and tepid response when asked about Comey:

Usually the first answer is the most revealing answer. Take Sen. Pat Toomey. In the first, frenetic hours after the shocking news that President Trump had fired the FBI director whose agents were investigating his campaign, Pennsylvania's Toomey was one of handful of prominent Republicans who seemed to suddenly vanish into the bushes, just like that Homer Simpson GIF you're always seeing online.

Then the Washington correspondent for the Allentown Morning Call spotted Toomey on Capitol Hill Wednesday morning and asked for his reaction to Jim Comey's abrupt firing, which has triggered the nation's worst constitutional crisis since the boozy nights when Richard Nixon was talking to the White House portraits.

"I've got nothing for you right now," responded Toomey -- although in fairness it wasn't clear if that was his answer on the Comey mess or if he was trying out a new slogan for his 2022 re-election campaign. In fact, I'm pretty sure the phrase is etched somewhere on the Toomey family coat of arms: Ego nunc habeo quod pro vobis.

As the day wore on and the Comey fallout continued to drown out all other news (including the arrest of a journalist for simply trying to ask a question of a Trump Cabinet secretary), the GOP senator and his staff realized that something was maybe better than nothing. In a statement, Toomey said he's long harbored doubts about Comey as FBI chief but "the timing of his dismissal was unfortunate."

More at link:


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