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Member since: Thu Jan 26, 2006, 11:20 PM
Number of posts: 28,200

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Attention Allegheny County! House district 35 special election today!

Vote for Austin Davis. This district is mostly in the Mon Valley. GOTV!

Great news! PA Supreme Court has ordered a new map for Congressional districts...for 2018! (Tweets)



PA-18: Conor Lamb is out-fundraising Saccone!


Thanks to all who donated! Please share if you can.

Special election March 13 PA-18. Here is Conor Lamb's first ad:


Please share if you can. We need this seat!!

Here is Conor Lamb's first TV ad:


Please share if you can.

What is now the Slovak Republic.

It was Austria-Hungary back then but all four of my grandparents were Slovak. I don't know exactly where my mother's parents were from, but my dad's were from a village near Bratislava. My grandmother's family home was still there about 20 years ago.

I am very proud of my Rusyn heritage.

Gerrymandering is still OK in PA, ruling by Philadelphia circuit court:*

Pennsylvania can keep its congressional map, a judicial panel in Philadelphia ruled Wednesday, rejecting an argument from a group of Democratic voters who contended it should be thrown out because the state lawmakers who created the map in 2011 gerrymandered it to help Republicans.

The court cast aside the argument that districts should not consider politics, saying partisanship is part of the system.


An appeal in the case would go directly to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Alice Ballard, a lawyer for the plaintiffs, said she and her clients were still processing the ruling and the one from North Carolina and considering their options.

A separate challenge to Pennsylvania's congressional map is pending before the state Supreme Court, which has scheduled oral arguments on the topic for next week in Harrisburg. Legislative Republican leaders on Wednesday filed documents in that case, arguing the Democratic voters who sued “are attempting to achieve through the courthouse what they could not in the voting booths."

*(I'm not sure of the proper name of the court. I couldn't find it in the article.) The fight goes on though!

A blessed Orthodox Christmas!

Christos razdajetsja! Slavite jeho!
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