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Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2006, 06:07 PM
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Sanders campaign begins laying off staff

Source: Politico

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. — Bernie Sanders’ campaign started letting field staffers go on Wednesday, hours after five states in the Northeast voted and the Vermont senator fell further behind Hillary Clinton in the race for the Democratic nomination, five people familiar with the situation told POLITICO.

The extent of the cuts are unclear, but staffers who were working in states that voted Tuesday were told to look elsewhere for work rather than continue onto the next voting states, according to people close to the campaign.

"We're 80 percent of the way through the caucuses and primaries and we make adjustments as we go along. This is a process that we’ve done before of right-sizing the campaign as we move through the calendar," said Sanders' campaign communications director Michael Briggs.

While Sanders has raised large amounts of money online, and started April with $17 million according to his most recent Federal Election Commission report, he has also spent at a very high rate, including $46 million in March. It is unclear how much money his campaign currently has on hand.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/04/sanders-campaign-begins-laying-off-staff-222552#ixzz473rpNyZh

The State Department says it did NOT withhold key email from the FOIA response,

despite reports that have been spread around DU.

Normally, I wouldn't post a story from the Free Beacon, but they are the outlet that posted the original story that was then echoed elsewhere, and the State Department contacted them with a correction.

This was the original uncorrected story that was posted in Late Breaking News and has dozens of recs:'


This is the update from the State Department.


Update 5:06 P.M.: A State Department official told the Free Beacon that the November 2014 date in the court filing was an administrative error. The State Department said it first received the document in June 2015, and disclosed the decision to withhold in July 2015. The department said it would be filing a correction.

“The State Department generally does not comment on matters in litigation,” said a State Department official. “Here, however, there is confusion arising from an administrative error in recent correspondence in which the Department said that the document in question was withheld in November 2014. That is incorrect. The complete facts surrounding this document are set forth in a public court filing from July 2015. As described in the attached filing, the Department received the document in June 2015 from members of former Secretary Clinton’s senior staff, and did not withhold it until that time. The Department regrets any confusion and will be sending corrected correspondence to Judicial Watch.”

AP: Hillary can lose every remaining contest by a wide margin -- and still win nomination.

And they said this BEFORE Hillary won PA and CT.


PHILADELPHIA — Hillary Clinton added at least two more states to her victory column Tuesday night, strengthening what’s rapidly becoming an all-but-unstoppable march to the Democratic presidential nomination.

The Democratic front-runner expanded her sizable delegate lead with wins in Maryland and Delaware. Contests in Connecticut, Rhode Island and Pennsylvania remained too close to call.

Already, Clinton can lose every remaining primary by a wide margin and still capture her party’s nomination, according to an Associated Press analysis.

The Mary Pat Christie eye-roll when Trump disses Hillary.

Millions of other Republican women were reacting the same way. She was the one caught on camera.


Mary Pat Christie attracted a lot of attention Tuesday night for appearing to roll her eyes while standing on stage behind Donald Trump.

The GOP front-runner took aim at Hillary Clinton, who won four of the five primary contests on the Democratic side, in his victory speech.

"The only thing she's got going is the woman's card," Trump told a crowd gathered at Trump Tower in New York for his victory speech after the billionaire swept the five Northeastern states holding votes. "And the beautiful thing is that women don't like her.”

That comment drew a reaction from the first lady of New Jersey, who was onstage with her husband, former GOP candidate turned Trump supporter, Chris Christie. Her facial expression got a lot of reactions on social media as the event wrapped up.

Snopes: Sanders campaign has discounted the rumors of FB hacking

attacking Sanders groups.

Is there any limit to the paranoia around Hillary? I mean, Facebook. Seriously?


On 26 April 2016, digital and social media manager for the Sanders campaign Aiden King addressed the rumors on the campaign's official Slack channel:

All of the groups are back up and it wasn't just Bernie groups.

Facebook hasn't released a public statement but they had a bug and it closed a ton of facebook groups. Our supporters are just more vocal so the internet blew up with "Bernie groups being shut down" rather than "Facebook groups are being shut down."

King claimed a number of groups were affected by a Facebook-side glitch, not solely Sanders groups. However, Facebook didn't address the bug in question officially, leading many to believe the outages were politically motivated and not related to malfunctioning technology. Facebook hasn't confirmed King's assertion, nor did he disclose how he learned of the purported bug.

I'm not a bettor, but PredictWise says there's a 97% chance of Hillary getting the nomination

and a 73% chance of the Democrat winning in the general.


Hillary takes CONNECTICUTT!!!

Per CNN.

Pledged delegates won tonight: 190 for Hillary, 114 for Bernie, 80 still to be divided.


The lead has flipped in CT. Hillary currently has a slight lead.


Trump is lauding Bernie Sanders for saying Hillary was unqualified.

She's horrible. Just horrible. And Bernie's telling the truth. He should run as an independent!

. . . from the mouth of Trump.
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