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Profile Information

Name: Ava
Gender: Female
Hometown: Alabama
Current location: NYC
Member since: Thu Feb 2, 2006, 11:48 PM
Number of posts: 16,197

About Me

Documentary Filmmaker, Graduate Student, Cat Lady - Bama Girl turned New Yorker turned Blue Devil http://www.avalowrey.com

Journal Archives

North Carolina Folks - Free Documentary Screening on Saturday!

Hey y'all! Please join me tomorrow night for the closing reception and screening of my documentary film and exhibit Mothers and Daughter at the Carrack Modern Art in downtown Durham. Come hang out, watch a movie, eat, drink, and be merry! More info about the exhibit and film at: http://mothers.springchickenproductions.com

Alabama is both one of the most conservative states in the south and a hub for southern culture and art. Just by the nature of their gender, women artists from the state are subverting the norm and paving new ways for an emerging artistic community. Additionally, many women struggle to balance motherhood and other traditional expectations of womanhood with their artistic careers. In this documentary film, director Ava Lowrey explores this community through a series of interviews with women artists from the state while examining the sacrifices that her own mother made. Ava’s intimate conversations with both the artists and her mother provide the setting as she contemplates her future within this community of Alabama women artists.

Hiya old friends

Hey y'all! Long time no see. Not sure if you remember me, I've been a little busy (and all over the place) and haven't been around DU much lately. I'm at Duke now finishing up my masters degree (May please come quickly sweet baby jeezuz). My last film which some of you were kind enough to contribute towards did pretty snazzy on the festival circuit, and now I'm working to finish up another film and web series project.

That's where shameless self promotion comes in. The fundraiser for my Duke thesis project is up and live. I'm putting on an awesome two week exhibit here in Durham, North Carolina, hosted by the lovely Carrack Modern Art, and bringing up some of the talented ladies in my thesis film! We'll also be launching a web series in late April with even more awesome Alabama women artists, so every penny counts (and is tax deductible). The project spiel is below, along with a link to the indiegogo fundraiser. All funds raised will not only help complete the project, it'll also go towards putting on a two week exhibit in downtown Durham that'll be free and open to the public. Please consider making a (TAX DEDUCTIBLLLLLLLLE) contribution, and if you're in the NC triangle area I'll be posting event details soon. Hope to see some DUers there!

- Ava

Mothers and Daughter is a documentary film and upcoming art exhibit. Alabama is known for being one of the most conservative states in the south. It is also known as a hub for southern culture and art. Just by the nature of their womanhood, women artists in the state are subverting the norm and paving new ways for an emerging artistic community. In addition, many are struggling to juggle motherhood and other traditional expectations of womanhood with their artistic careers.

Director Ava Lowrey explores this community and their shared struggles and triumphs, while also examining the sacrifices that her own mother made, essentially abandoning her artistic aspirations. Together, Ava and Tamara's intimate conversations set the backdrop for Tamara's journey back into the world of art and Ava's conversations with women who share her mother’s experiences.

In April, Mothers and Daughter will exhibit alongside an art installation by the same name at the Carrack Modern Art in downtown Durham. The show will feature art by Lila Graves and Littia Thompson, two artists featured in the film, a series of video installation pieces by director Ava Lowrey, a performance art piece, a local women in film community night and screening event, and multiple screenings of Mothers and Daughter.

Not only will your contributions help us finish the film, they will also help us host this important event and put these much-deserving artists in the spotlight. We also want this to be a community event - free and open to the public. We're creating a space where important conversations about gender roles, motherhood, and art in the southeast can take place. Finally, we will also be launching a web series at the end of April which will feature a new short documentary about a different woman artist from Alabama bi-weekly. We've already filmed with 8 amazing women and we're excited to share!

Trailer - Fred: The Town Dog (a film about struggling small town America)

Hi all! I've directed an upcoming documentary film about Rockford, Alabama's Fred the town dog. This a story about a town that came together to adopt an orphan mutt, but really it's about a lot more - namely the disappearance and economic struggles of small towns - a very pertinent issue for discussion. I'm a local of small town Alabama and currently attending NYU where I'm a senior studying Film & Television production. This is my thesis film and upon completion it will be released to various film festivals and submitted to PBS. Please take a few moments to check out our website for more information and the links below for our trailer and Indiegogo online fundraiser. I'm also including the film's synopsis below. Thanks so much for your time and for everyone's support over the years. I hope you all enjoy the trailer and that is serves as a reminder of the importance of disappearing small town culture and community.

- Ava

About the film:
Rockford is a small town of only 400 residents located in Coosa County, Alabama, where it is the county seat. A small and rural area, everyone here knows everyone, and everyone knows everyone else’s business. With a county newspaper that is only published once a week, a local law enforcement of only 2 officers, and a downtown area that consists of only one block, Rockford is in many ways a time capsule. This quintessential southern town has suffered in recent years; many of the town’s shops have been forced to close, and meanwhile many of the town’s inhabitants have moved away in search of job opportunities.

Yet many characters still live in the town, artists and blue-collar workers alike, and in 1993 when a dirty and disheveled dog named wandered into town, it was these people who took him in and nursed him back to health, naming him “Fred” – the town dog. Fred was a beloved member of the community for many years before passing away on December 23, 2002, but not before befriending many of the townspeople. Fred will be a film about this small town and its adoption of a new friend, exploring his relationships and the effect he had on both individuals and the community as a whole.

Through Fred and the time he shared with the people of Rockford, Alabama, we will gain insight into the individuals who cared for him while exploring the town’s narrative – specifically the narrative of an increasingly deserted area on the verge of becoming another southern ghost town. A large theme of this film will be the desire for companionship, which Fred met, and the fear of abandonment and loneliness. We will explore exactly what Fred meant to the individuals who cared for him and why they were so willing to care for a dog that showed up as nothing more than a dirty mutt.

Trailer for my thesis film

Hi all! I posted a few months back about my thesis documentary film for NYU. We finished shooting it and have completed a trailer. Now we just have to head into editing and finish fundraising for the film. If you get a chance, check out the trailer at the vimeo link below. Thanks everyone for all the support over the years! Can't believe I graduate in May!


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