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Kentucky Sen Rand Paul Thinks Gay Marriage Will Lead to Beastiality...

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Tom Tomorrow: Return of the Invisible Hand

Mon Jun 24, 2013 at 07:00 AM PDT
Return of the Invisible Hand
by Tom Tomorrow


I have a question about Hastings...

I'm just curious if anyone who knew him really well has commented on the allegation he was speeding at 100mph on Highland Ave. I know people WHO JUST WOULDN'T DO THAT! On the other hand, I know people who I suspect could potentially be that stupid, especially if intoxicated.

Eye-witnesses and surveillance video shows him running multiple red lights, thereby seriously endangering the lives of others.

What have people close to him said? Would he be the kind of person who would do that? Was he driving a car that is known for such high velocity? Would he endanger the lives of others like that?

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Well, this explains a few things about Monsanto...


Heartbreaking Transcript from the Bradley Manning Trial -- Lamos Interrogation

The Court Transcript of Everything Bradley Manning Told Adrian Lamo Is Heartbreaking
By Brian Merchant

Earlier this week, Adrian Lamo took the stand to testify in Bradley Manning's court martial. Lamo, of course, is the attention-seeking ex-hacker who turned Manning over to the feds. In the most widely-repeated account of the preceding events, Manning had willingly reached out to Lamo, perhaps after reading a Wired article documenting the hacker's struggles with depression.

If Lamo's testimony and the chat logs of their conversations are to be believed, then Manning confided not just details about the cables he'd passed to Wikileaks but of his troubled personal life as well. Lamo convinced Manning that he would keep their conversations confidential, and even told him that he was a "journalist" and could protect his identity as a source in the event.

But Lamo was intending to act as an informant the entire time, and promptly turned all of their correspondence over to the feds. They had never met in person, and, on Tuesday, they came face to face for the first time.

Thanks to a crowd-funded activist stenographer, we've got the transcript. And it is heartbreaking. Manning's defense lawyer David Coombs takes the opportunity to recount the content of their online chats, hammering home how naive, fragile, and nobly-intentioned Manning was at the time. If you've already read the heavily edited chats between the two that Wired published, you might have a small notion of what you're in for. But not fully...

Read more: http://motherboard.vice.com/blog/the-court-transcript-of-everything-bradley-manning-told-adrian-lamo-is-heartbreaking#ixzz2VkQFDGhn
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Zimmerman and Martin: Some facts so simple that even Fox 'News' should be able to understand

Tue Jun 04, 2013 at 11:56 AM PDT
Zimmerman and Martin: Some facts so simple that even Fox 'News' should be able to understand
by Laurence Lewis

Trayvon Martin

From the start, Fox "News" has presented its usual fair and balanced perspective about the shooting death of unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin, and last week it even went so far as to enable an attempt by shooter George Zimmerman's attorney to smear with inadmissible evidence the shot dead unarmed black teenager. Inadmissible evidence that Zimmerman's attorney subsequently admitted was false. But while Fox and others, for some not particularly difficult to discern reason, continue to attempt to make a case against the shot dead unarmed black teenager, there are some very basic facts that even Fox, many of its viewers, and those who share their fair and balanced opinions should be able to understand. Even if that understanding does not in any way alter those fair and balanced opinions.

1) George Zimmerman had been arrested and charged for an act of violence. Trayvon Martin hadn't.

2) George Zimmerman had had a restraining order granted against him for alleged domestic abuse. Trayvon Martin hadn't.

3) George Zimmerman had a history of racial conflict. Trayvon Martin didn't.

George Zimmerman's attorney seems to think the personal history of the shot dead unarmed black teenager is relevant. And he's right. It is. Because the shot dead unarmed black teenager had no history of legal problems arising from acts of violence. George Zimmerman, on the other hand, did.

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