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A Response to Super Tuesday from a Bernie Fan

A Response to Super Tuesday from a Bernie Fan
By rogerray
Wednesday Mar 02, 2016 · 7:23 AM EST

Dr. Roger Ray is the author of Progressive
Conversations and Progressive Faith and Practice

by Roger Ray, March 2, 2016

It is difficult to tear your eyes away from an impending train wreck but it should be easier to do if you are standing on the tracks in the path of the crash. The build up to the 2016 presidential election seemed like a media carnival game until it stopped being a game. It didn’t happen all at once but both major parties in the USA are appearing to be shocked by the lack of compliance of voters who do not seem to be doing their bidding.

After two generations of using fear and greed to manipulate their voters, the Republican Party now finds itself in possession of the candidate they created. By blowing the dog whistles of racism, misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia, and blaming the poor for being poor and the sick for being sick the Republicans should hardly be surprised that Donald Trump appeals to voters who have been trained to respond to the most base and irrational motivations of human depravity. The economic top 1% have always just manipulated the angry-white-man vote in order to continue to exploit the rest of the nation but now the consequences of their hot-air angst has taken human form in a candidate from their own ranks who refuses to wear their leash. On Super Tuesday, Trump effectively accomplished a hostile takeover of the GOP.

The Democratic Party has been trying to pull off a coronation of Hillary Clinton with the only fly in the ointment being an aging senator who has been virtually unknown in 47 of these 50 states until the past six months. The fact that he claims no membership in any organized religion nor even membership in the Democratic Party until last year and he looks like he combs his hair with a balloon, is not what has kept him from posing a greater threat to Clinton. The dog whistle being blown by party officials is the word “socialism.”

This morning I woke up in a nation defended by our socialist army, navy, air force, and Marines. I showered in socialist water, heated by socialist electricity, drove on socialist streets patrolled by our socialist police force, to work in an office protected by a socialist fire department to use my socialist public school and state university education to write this article for a public whose economy is more than 80% socialist in spite of the fact that they tell themselves that they hate socialism. May I remind you that a capitalist is someone who makes a profit from capital? If you work for a salary, you are not a capitalist. Let me narrow this down for you. Paris Hilton is a capitalist. Your kids’ schoolteacher is a socialist.

Regardless of how politicians try to manipulate you with fear and greed, the greatest threats to the future of this country are income disparity, an out of control military budget, global climate change, and the rising costs of health care and higher education. No matter what they discuss in debates, these are the issues our next president must address and the only candidate who has been consistently addressing these real issues for the past generation is Bernie Sanders.


Hillary Clinton's Flip Timeline

Hillary Clinton's Flip Timeline
By carlcove
Saturday Feb 27, 2016 · 1:21 PM EST

(Created by carlcove at Dailykos.)


Sanders will need 60 votes to pass anything. But Clinton will only need 60.

Sanders will need 60 votes to pass anything. But Clinton will only need 60.
By Bob Johnson
Friday Feb 26, 2016 · 4:54 PM EST

Chris Matthews seemed to be stuck in Marco Rubio-style robotic warp mode last night during his interview with Bernie Sanders. Matthews kept repeating:

“You need 60! You need 60! But how are you going to get to 60?”

I think Matthews’ point was that Hillary Clinton will only need 60 votes to get any legislation passed in the Senate.

Unlike Sanders who will need 60 votes.


Article: Unless the Democrats Run Sanders, a Trump Nomination Means a Trump Presidency

Article: Unless the Democrats Run Sanders, a Trump Nomination Means a Trump Presidency
By geebeebee
Tuesday Feb 23, 2016 · 9:01 PM EST

Link: www.currentaffairs.org/…

As a Donald Trump nomination for the Republican Party looks more and more like a reality, it makes it critical that the Democrats be prepared with a candidate that can defeat Trump. And, it is fairly obvious that the candidate to do that is Bernie Sanders. Polls prove this, but so does logic.

This article expresses that logic well:

Here, a Clinton match-up is highly likely to be an unmitigated electoral disaster, whereas a Sanders candidacy stands a far better chance. Every one of Clinton’s (considerable) weaknesses plays to every one of Trump’s strengths, whereas every one of Trump’s (few) weaknesses plays to every one of Sanders’s strengths. From a purely pragmatic standpoint, running Clinton against Trump is a disastrous, suicidal proposition.

It speaks how Trump’s campaigning style is short on plans and big on outrageous statements, typically attempting to reduce his opponent. Hillary would be a dream for his type of circus, and the author makes a pretty good effort at what a Trump attack on Hillary may look like:

“She lies so much. Everything she says is a lie. I’ve never seen someone who lies so much in my life. Let me tell you three lies she’s told. She made up a story about how she was ducking sniper fire! There was no sniper fire. She made it up! How do you forget a thing like that? She said she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary, the guy who climbed Mount Everest. He hadn’t even climbed it when she was born! Total lie! She lied about the emails, of course, as we all know, and is probably going to be indicted. You know she said there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq! It was a lie! Thousands of American soldiers are dead because of her. Not only does she lie, her lies kill people. That’s four lies, I said I’d give you three. You can’t even count them. You want to go on PolitiFact, see how many lies she has? It takes you an hour to read them all! In fact, they ask her, she doesn’t even say she hasn’t lied. They asked her straight up, she says she usually tries to tell the truth! Ooooh, she tries! Come on! This is a person, every single word out of her mouth is a lie. Nobody trusts her. Check the polls, nobody trusts her. Yuge liar.”

Bernie, on the other hand, has strengths that match up to Trump’s strengths as a campaigner. He has a clean record, is known as incredibly honest, even to a fault, and he does not fold under pressure.

Trump’s various unique methods of attack would instantly be made far less useful in a run against Sanders. All of the most personal charges (untrustworthiness, corruption, rank hypocrisy) are much more difficult to make stick. The rich history of dubious business dealings is nonexistent. None of the sleaze in which Trump traffics can be found clinging to Bernie. Trump’s standup routine just has much less obvious personal material to work with. Sanders is a fairly transparent guy; he likes the social safety net, he doesn’t like oligarchy, he’s a workaholic who sometimes takes a break to play basketball, and that’s pretty much all there is to it. Contrast that with the above-noted list of juicy Clinton tidbits.

Trump can’t clown around nearly as much at a debate with Sanders, for the simple reason that Sanders is dead set on keeping every conversation about the plight of America’s poor under the present economic system. If Trump tells jokes and goofs off here, he looks as if he’s belittling poor people, not a magnificent idea for an Ivy League trust fund billionaire running against a working class public servant and veteran of the Civil Rights movement. Instead, Trump will be forced to do what Hillary Clinton has been forced to do during the primary, namely to make himself sound as much like Bernie Sanders as possible. For Trump, having to get serious and take the Trump Show off the air will be devastating to his unique charismatic appeal.

This article has many more excellent points as to why Bernie Sanders is CLEARLY the best candidate to run against Donald Trump. We cannot afford to lose this one; it would be insanity to pick the candidate that we KNOW will be the weakest against their presumptive candidate.



DNC institutes concussion policy

DNC institutes concussion policy
By Bob Johnson
Monday Feb 22, 2016 · 9:03 PM EST

Just breaking on the wire services…

DNC to Institute Concussion Protocols Ahead of March Primaries

By Allen Fenster

WASHINGTON (Rooters) — Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz announced today that that the DNC will be instituting “best practices” in concussion protocols ahead of the Democratic Party’s slate of March primaries.

“It is obvious that at some point in March, a presidential candidate will emerge as the dominant favorite for our party’s nomination,” Wasserman Schultz said at a press conference at DNC headquarters.

“Given the rhetoric to to this point of the campaign, we believe that the likely nominee may swing so wildly and violently back to the center-right that it’s quite possible she could give herself — or himself, that’s a possibility, too — a severe concussion. We want to have safeguards in place in order to ensure we are taking all necessary precautions for the candidate’s short-term and long-term health.”

When asked if she was specifically referring to Hillary Clinton, Wasserman Schultz demurred.

“It’s anyone’s nomination at this point,” the DNC Chair said, “but certainly Secretary Clinton is one of the possibilities.”

Clinton has notably moved left politically during the primary season, seeking to counter an unexpectedly strong challenge from self-described Democratic Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders.

One experienced Democratic political operative who preferred to remain anonymous noted, “I think there is a strong likelihood that once Sanders has been safely vanquished, Clinton will whip back so hard to the right that she could, in fact, incur a concussion. She’s not taking all that Wall Street money for nothing.”

The operative went on to describe the feeling among many of Clinton’s deep pocket supporters as “nervousness.”

“All of this talk about ‘socialism’ and ‘Medicare-for-all’ funded by a Wall Street transaction tax has given them the willies,” said the operative. “They want things to get back to normal as quickly as possible once Sanders is gone.”

While Clinton has been eager to portray herself as a champion of the middle class, she and President Bill Clinton have long been affiliated with centrist groups in the party including the now-defunct Democratic Leadership Council and the Third Way, a group of business-friendly centrist Democrats.

Clinton’s campaign declined to comment via telephone on the DNC’s new concussion protocols, emailing a one sentence response: “Secretary Clinton feels no need to campaign in a helmet at this time.”

A Sanders campaign spokesperson, Louise Eddgerton, said, “There is no need for a concussion protocol for Senator Sanders. He won’t change direction, not abruptly and not even subtly. It’s full steam ahead.”

Wasserman Schultz said the new DNC concussion protocols would follow those of major sports leagues and the NCAA.

“We just want to be safe. We need our candidate fresh and ready to attend a whole series of events, most of them private, as we look forward to the general election.”


This Modern World: Future Imperfect


Why Bernie Sanders Is the Most Electable Democrat - In One Chart

The false meme that democrats need to vote for Hillary because she is the most electable needs to stop. Share this.

So Why Is the Daily Beast Pushing a False Narrative Regarding Bernie's Electability?

( I lifted this from the comment section at Dailykos from LoneStarMike under this diary: http://www.dailykos.com/stories/2016/2/22/1489088/-BNR-Bernie-Works-To-Strengthen-South-Carolina-Support-amp-Sanders-On-The-Sunday-Shows .)

"The gist of the video is that there have been several articles in the Daily Beast about Bernie’s “electability” (saying that he’s not electable.) The Daily Beast is owned by a company called IAC Interactive Corporation. They’re a media company and when you check out their website Chelsea Clinton sits on their Board of Directors." - LoneStarMike

NATE SILVER: "It's possible Bernie Sanders will win every single caucus from here on out"

Nate Silver 5:35 PM

While Clinton has won the first two caucuses in the Democratic race — while losing New Hampshire, the only primary — it’s possible that Bernie Sanders will win every state caucus from here on out.

Here’s why I say that. The remaining Democratic states to hold caucuses are: Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Minnesota, Nebraska, Washington and Wyoming. Other than Hawaii — where I’m not going to pretend we have any earthly idea what’s going to happen — those are a bunch of really white states that otherwise look favorable for Sanders and which he could win even if he slightly trails Clinton nationally.

Clinton is probably favored in the territorial caucuses in American Samoa, Guam and the Virgin Islands, however, as territorial caucuses tend to heavily favor “establishment” candidates.


The REAL story on the Bernie supporters who allegedly chanted "English only"

Apparently, This has been completely blown out of proportion.

Here's the story:.

The DNC totally screwed up and did not provide Spanish speaking translators. (Thanks Debbie!) Delores Huerta began to translate which was alarming to those on the Bernie side who only knew that it was a Hillary supporter providing all the translations and they wanted an impartial arbiter.

There is a video, which was seen by many, but was suddenly taken down. According to those who saw it, there were no "chants", but rather a barely audible protest of what was happening.

Update: Here's a link to the video: http://www.democraticunderground.com/12511289127 You be the judge.


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