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Gender: Female
Hometown: Coventry, Ct
Home country: USA
Current location: So California
Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2006, 04:38 AM
Number of posts: 15,603

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This should have happened 10 years ago when we first realized we were losing bees. Better late than never - I hope.

Yeah. I did see him once on MTP. I wasn't aware that it has been more.

He seemed to disappear after the financial crisis. I thought he was gone for good. So he's back? Or maybe he never left.

This has been on my mind quite a bit today.

I don't like seeing pro-gun posts here. The attitude and arguments that go with most of them is infuriating.

I'm watching live, partial, So Cal, through my glasses.

I'm watching the CNN programming on my phone! It's been very exciting!!! The crowd's reaction in Oregon was something else when they got the total eclipse!

President Obama's mother

taught Michelle that trick. She did it with Barack's birth certificate after he was born in Kenya. Powerfully sneaky women. Witches, would be my bet. It is no wonder they are hated and feared.

You do know that she is not

a government employee, right? She doesn't get to write letters on senate or house stationary. She can't write bills. She's just an American citizen running for office at this point in time.

Sure, Manny.

Just like you did for me once, lashing out at me personally.

Something I will never forget. And something that not another soul on DU has ever done to me. Now, that's a solid.

Goooooo, Manny.

Nice flame bait headline you made up.

Proof that anything bad in the news can be attached to and/or blamed on Hillary Clinton.

Always thoughtful, H2O Man.

Though, not sure where I land here.

"Maybe keep this in mind, when you participate in conversations on this forum. Even those you naturally think of as annoying -- or simply as jackasses -- may be good people, who have been damaged by life. If that damage had been done to them physically, we would surely be patient with them. But instead, it is people who’s being has been injured by life. Be patient. Be compassionate. If necessary, disengage. But don’t react with anger or hostility. "

There is no doubt I've been damaged by life. Though I try not to lash out, and honestly, have throughout my life been a doormat. But the way I see things still means something. I try not to push even my most ardent agendas, with vitriol, insults, and false accusations.

It is so difficult for me to understand being mean and disrespectful of others to support a "democratic" candidate. But I will try to be more mindful of those who do. I'm sure many have suffered far worse than I, and I will try to remember that. We all have our own way of dealing with pain.

Your post made me cry.

I was just 7 years old when I became aware of my own white privilege. My mother had died a few months earlier. From what I remember she was just wonderful - loving and kind to everyone. Even after leaving my father because of violent abuse she still never uttered a negative word about him to my sister or me.

My father was the polar opposite of my mom. A card carrying Bircher who hated my mother's Russian family, calling them commies, and pretty much hating everyone, it seemed, especially people of color.

Up until then I didn't understand much about the people he raged against in the most vulgar of terms. Having lived most of my life up until then in rural Connecticut the only people I really knew were my many family members - cousins, uncles, aunts, and classmates from the same area. Pretty much all lily white.

So after my mom died we ended up in California, alone and away from any family, in my father's care. There were so many sad, despondent, and sometimes terrifying days with him, I remember.

It was back to school time and he took us out to shop for new school clothes. I was a small, skinny, awkward little girl. Small enough to hide under the racks of hanging clothes. There was a little black girl doing the same. Disappearing under the clothes. We played and giggled under those racks. It was like finding a soul mate. I was shocked. All the things my dad had told me.... I never imagined a little girl just like me could be one of the monsters he had raged about.

So here's the rub - thinking I had misunderstood what he had been telling me, I pointed this out to my father. She was just like me. A skinny little girl, with dark skin, happily playing under the racks of clothes with me. Not a monster. Not threatening. Just an awkwardly skinny little girl like me.

I got into a lot of trouble for what I said to him. A lot. Ended up with a fat lip in the store. But all I could think was OMG, OMG, that poor little girl. She did nothing wrong. She was just like me and my father hated her. Others (he tried to convince me) hated her too because her skin was dark. I remember wondering why I was so lucky. Why she wasn't. My life changed that day. I can't even define it completely. But I learned that my father was wrong. So, so wrong.

My heart aches for your dear little girl. Please, hug her for me when you have the chance. Life is just so unfair.

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