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Member since: Thu Apr 20, 2006, 01:50 PM
Number of posts: 11,295

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sad comment on Paterno's legacy

they shouldn't take his statue down, they should just turn it around...
so that JoePa can look the other way as he did in real life

things I would do retroactively

somehow retiring would not make the top of my list

1) have one more child
2) "gamble" knowing the winning outcome
3) delay buying a home (which went underwater)
4) change my investments so that I didn't take a bath in the market in 2000-2002 and again in 2007-2009.
5) take better care of my families health

speculation why Rmoney can't release his tax returns

1) he was an active partner in the binLaden Al-qaida firm
2) he was building nuclear facilities in Iran
3) his firm was responsible for safety and environmental control for the deepwater horizon oil derrick
4) his firm is selling the dehydrated fetus pills in Asia
5) he was selling WMDs to Iraq
so many wonderful possibilities

rmoney scandal at the 2002 olympics...

Romney.. angered safety officials when his office denied free or discounted tickets to widows and orphans of firefighters who died at the World Trade Center. Romney's executive assistant, Donna Tillery, twice rejected the requests, citing a policy barring ticket giveaways, according to e-mails she sent to former Salt Lake City firefighter A.J. Barto. Romney's staff says he was unaware of the request.

Six weeks later, the committee found itself with unsold seats and Romney approved distributing 100 tickets valued at $885 each to Utah legislators.

''I was outraged at the hypocrisy,'' Barto said. ''In less than two months, he went from saying we're going to run a tight ship to throwing out free tickets to a group of people who could help him politically.''


How do you get $100,000,000 million in an IRA when its limited to $5,000/year contribution?

I guess you can live to be 20,000 years old.
or you can be Rmoney (don't you bet that a lot of the 1% are pea green with envy that they didn't figure out how to have a $100 million IRA?

So the Rmoney campaign has the choice of saying whether

Rmoney lied when he was running for Governor of Massachusetts but he's not lying now
Rmoney lied when he was running for President of the USA but he was not lying when he ran for Governor?

gotta love it

I think Condi Rice would be a great Vice President for Rmoney

because I would enjoy seeing the discussions about Condi's failures re 9/11 and Iraq to be discussed over and over and over again.

Depriving a US citizen of the right to vote should be punished with loss

of voting rights for all of the perpetrators who caused the harm for at least a 5 year period.
If the person is not a citizen and they commit the offense, they should be deported.

Have to wonder how many people got divorced today in NC.....

I mean after Amendment 1, should they have defended marriage and all?

Choice bits...comments responding to log cabin republics claim that President Obama is Callous

"I finally get these guys. Their ability to delude themselves qualifies them to be Republican more than their sexual preference disqualifies them."

"A Log Cabin Republican is like a chicken who works on behalf of KFC."

"President who supports gay marriage = bad. Political party that opposes it = good. This sums up the psychopathy of the Log Cabin republicans."

"What a MORONIC statement. We're opposed to Obama because he didn't come out with this statement prior to NC, but we're happy with the Republicans who are totally opposed to the idea."

"Wait until these guys hear all the things their Republican pals have to say on the subject, when it comes to offensive and callous, they ain't seen nothing yet."

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